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About Last Valiant

The eternal struggle between light and dark comes to a boiling point. The invasion has begun. It is up to you to tip the balance in favor of good.

=== Tons of Heroes ===
Each hero is unique in skill and ability. Discover different synergies and construct the perfect team to save the world.

=== Tons of Gear ===
Deep equipment system with endless possibilities. A variety of options for you to craft the perfect weapon and armor to compliment your character build.

=== Rift and Advent ===
Conquer epic monsters and fight legendary bosses to obtain priceless loot! The harder the fight, the better the reward.

=== Arena ===
Prove yourself against your peers and fight for your place in the ladder. Who can assemble the mightiest team?

=== Guild War ===
Team up with your friends and conquer the world! Defend your guild’s honor while laying siege to other guilds who stand in your way.

=== No time? No problem! ===
Let your heroes adventure for you while offline! They will gain experience and loot while you are away.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Last Valiant?

Last Valiant is a game that revolves around the eternal struggle between light and dark, where players are tasked with tipping the balance in favor of good.

Are the heroes in Last Valiant all the same?

No, each hero in Last Valiant is unique in terms of skill and ability, allowing players to discover different synergies and construct the perfect team.

What is the equipment system like in Last Valiant?

Last Valiant features a deep equipment system with endless possibilities, offering a variety of options for players to craft the perfect weapon and armor to complement their character build.

How can I obtain better loot in Last Valiant?

By conquering epic monsters and fighting legendary bosses in the Rift and Advent feature of Last Valiant, players can obtain priceless loot. The harder the fight, the better the reward.

Is there a competitive aspect in Last Valiant?

Yes, Last Valiant features an Arena where players can prove themselves against their peers and fight for their place in the ladder. The goal is to assemble the mightiest team.

Can I team up with my friends in Last Valiant?

Absolutely! Last Valiant allows players to team up with their friends and conquer the world in the Guild War feature. Players can defend their guild's honor and lay siege to other guilds.

What if I don't have time to play Last Valiant all the time?

No problem! In Last Valiant, players can let their heroes adventure for them while offline. The heroes will continue to gain experience and loot even when the player is away.
json ngel
The game mechanics is easy to learn and easy to adapt to....
Great game for passing hours
Sherwinh Apolinario
Love this game so far! It is like a combo of KR, VC & 7K all into one neat lil package. More descriptions of how to do stuff in the game would be nice though.
Paul Miller
Hùng Nguyễn
Cool fun game.
John Ismael Quezada