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About Chrono Astrea

Action packed idle adventure role playing game!
Pick up your sword and fight for glory in this fast-paced fantasy experience.
Collect legendary heroes and obtain epic loot as you conquer new challenges.
Show your dominance by taking down other players as you battle your way to the top of the arena rankings.

Idle Reward System
Gather resources all day, every day. Online or offline. The game works for you! Log in and collect all the goodness and level up your heroes however you like.

Story driven stages with loot drops to ensure you are always well equipped for the task at hand. Immerse yourself in the rich story. Or skip it. It’s up to you!

Visit the local watering hole to accept missions with great rewards. Send your heroes off and come back later to collect the loot.

The Oculus
Aside from gathering precious resources for your heroes, new events take place often. Fresh encounters give you a chance to show off your team building skills.

Tower of Trials
A straight climb to the top. Compete with other players to see who has the strongest team.

Go treasure hunting in ancient ruins. Finders keepers, but nasty surprises also await you.

Band together with your friends and battle monsters together! Teamwork is required to become the top ranked guild.

Why level all your heroes when you don’t have to. Obelisk makes sure all your heroes are ready to go when you need them. You have the freedom to assemble any team!

Powerful gear with set bonuses and rune slots. Complete freedom to forge a set tailored to your heroes needs.

Astral Gear
Customize your hero even further. Equip rare regalia’s to gain unique effects to separate yourself from the crowd.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Chrono Astrea?

Chrono Astrea is an action-packed idle adventure role-playing game set in a fantasy world.

How can I level up my heroes?

You can level up your heroes by collecting resources, both online and offline, as part of the game's idle reward system.

What is the Campaign mode?

The Campaign mode consists of story-driven stages with loot drops, allowing you to immerse yourself in the rich story or skip it if you prefer.

What can I do at the Tavern?

At the Tavern, you can accept missions with great rewards and send your heroes off to complete them. You can then collect the loot when they return.

What is The Oculus?

The Oculus is a feature where new events take place often, giving you a chance to show off your team building skills and gather precious resources for your heroes.

What is the Tower of Trials?

The Tower of Trials is a competitive mode where you climb to the top and compete with other players to see who has the strongest team.

What can I expect in the Labyrinth?

In the Labyrinth, you can go treasure hunting in ancient ruins. While there are treasures to find, be prepared for nasty surprises as well.

What is the Guild feature?

The Guild feature allows you to band together with your friends and battle monsters as a team. Working together is essential to become the top-ranked guild.

What is the Obelisk feature?

The Obelisk feature allows you to assemble any team of heroes without having to level them all up individually. It ensures all your heroes are ready to go when you need them.

What can I do with Gear and Astral Gear?

Gear in Chrono Astrea includes powerful equipment with set bonuses and rune slots. Astral Gear allows you to further customize your hero by equipping rare regalia's with unique effects.
Bagus Ariono
So far so good
Aj M
Fun so far
Thomas KitchKeesic
Fun game. Like the animation. Enjoy the leveling system. So far pretty generous as well.
Justin Reynolds
Nice game n cute character
crazy killer