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About El Monster Island

● Make your team with variety elmonster

● Now is the time to start your adventure.

● Not only elemental using seal!

● Fill your collection!

[Early Access]
El Monster Island is currently open worldwide.
Overall rebalancing to match all users around the world
We are doing it in real time. Numerical changes can occur frequently.
Please understand. Thank you.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is El Monster Island?

El Monster Island is a game where you can create a team using a variety of elmonsters.

When can I start my adventure?

You can start your adventure now on El Monster Island.

Can I only use elemental seals in the game?

No, you can use various seals, not just elemental ones.

Can I expand my collection in the game?

Yes, you can fill your collection with different elmonsters.

Is El Monster Island available worldwide?

Yes, El Monster Island is currently open worldwide.

Are there any ongoing changes in the game?

Yes, there is an ongoing rebalancing process to match all users around the world. Numerical changes may occur frequently.

What should I do in case of numerical changes?

Please understand that numerical changes can occur frequently and adapt to them. Thank you.
Great game lots of fun try it
Raymond Moreno
Very fun game but has its pros and cons
Straightforward so far so good I'm loving it
Ivan Figueroa
I very rarely rate games 5 stars, but this game is amazing. In fact, this is most likely the best game I have ever played. It's so easy to get addicted to it, the designs are great, and the tutorials are eas...
Timothy M
Great game
Prism Gaming
Love every minutes of it. I do have a question, when the limited edition is open?
Micah Virts