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About Treasure Raid Fantasy

Welcome to the world of Treasure Raid Fantasy!
*Recruit more heroes and embark on the journey to raid the treasures!
*Decorate and upgrade your base to gather more resources automatically!
*Join the global arena to compete with raiders all over the land!

Game Features

Fantasy world full of treasure and chaos!
Once you set foot on this land, you can explore various wonderland scenes, such as Floating Land and Atlantis. Remember to build your dream crew and be ready to fight the greedy treasure hunters who want to raid your resources!

Hundreds of Epic Heroes
Hire for yourself a variety of heroes with different skills! Every hero has a unique talent and combination of skills! Recruit heroes and form your own crew to overcome challenges, collect treasures and become the legend!

Decorate Your Base and Harvest!
As a treasure raider, your base is essential! You can decorate your base as you like and upgrade buildings to enhance your strength! Most importantly, your base can produce crucial resources when you are away! Just go idle and afk and never worry about resources! Perfect for fans of idle games, such as AFK Arena, Hero Wars, Idle Heroes, and Mythic heroes!

Intense Real-time PVP
Join the Cross-server 1vs1 battle! Dive into enormous battles. Challenge TOP players, challenge yourself, and take the precious treasures.

Strategy Matters
Turn-based battle meets a deep hero system, creating nonstop fighting strategy! The combination of role skills and rune attributes further enhance the game strategy!

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Great and unique game! If possible add more content for us to play. Add equipment and more strategy into gameplay.
Brandon Tan
Keep up the good work
Pang Khee Fui
More daily quest , events
Kenny Lee
Overall Best Game, Great Animation Great Story, Fair Drop Rate, F2F Friendly. . .
VanJo Adlayan
Nice game
Aloysius Ong
Great Gameplay
roman mangalisan