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About Kingdom of Hero

Protect the fate of the Kingdom of Avalon!
Turn-based Tactical SRPG on a Hexagon Battlefield!

▶Tactical Turn-based Gameplay◀

Strategic RPG gameplay Hexagon style!
Jump into a Hexagon Battlefield! Unique battle system emphasizing strategy and tactics!
Choose your Heroes wisely forming a team to defeat enemies on the battlefield.
Create various strategies through a combination of distinct Heroes, their Elements and Rune combination!

▶Hero Variety and Playstyle◀

Experience fun and exciting gameplay with over 200 Heroes to play!
Choose an array of Heroes with 5 different classes and 5 distinct elements which creates more ways to enjoy battle!
Strengthen and upgrade your Heroes stats and skills to overcome your enemies.
Level up through battles, and feel a sense of accomplishment as you get stronger!

▶Stunning Illustrations and Visual Effects◀

Immerse yourself in the fantasy world of Avalon.
Beautiful and breath-taking artwork like no other!
Watch your Heroes use different powerful skills that have stunning effects flash on your screen!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Kingdom of Hero?

Kingdom of Hero is a turn-based tactical SRPG game set in the Kingdom of Avalon.

How does the gameplay work?

The gameplay is hexagon-based and emphasizes strategy and tactics. Players choose their Heroes to form a team and defeat enemies on the battlefield.

How many Heroes can you play as?

There are over 200 Heroes to choose from, each with their own unique playstyle and abilities.

Are there different classes and elements for the Heroes?

Yes, there are 5 different classes and 5 distinct elements for the Heroes, providing various ways to enjoy battle.

Can you upgrade and strengthen your Heroes?

Yes, players can level up their Heroes and upgrade their stats and skills to become stronger and overcome enemies.

What are the visual effects like in the game?

The game features stunning illustrations and visual effects, immersing players in the fantasy world of Avalon. Watch as Heroes unleash powerful skills with breathtaking artwork.
it's a nice time killer
Shiladitya Sinha
otineb rehp
excellent ! nice graphics !
Siu Leung San
So far so good
Kelvin Koon
It's been 2 hours and I'm already loving this game wont lag wont take up much space
Nathan Ho