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About Dark Heroes - Fantasy AFK RPG

Set out on a quest to the world of castles and knights, reveal Dark Heroes stories. Join Hero Arena and battles in the new fantasy AFK RPG!

⚔️ Arena and Battlefield for Heroes in the Fantasy AFK RPG!
Use tactics and strategy! Choose the most effective combinations of knights against enemy forces. Your best fantasy battle is yet to come!

⚔️ Progress in AFK without efforts!
Your arena - your rules! Your knights and heroes will fight and find treasures for you even when you are offline! All you need to do is to collect your rewards upon your return to the fantasy world.
Magnificent treasures are waiting for you in Dark Heroes!

⚔️ Your Own Guild of Heroes
Trials and treasures are waiting for you! Discover a wide range of unique heroes. Learn about their strengths and weaknesses, reveal their stories and join the battlefield. Quests, strategies and other storyline and fantasy games in English in Dark Heroes!

⚔️ Equipment and Gear in RPG
Create an unbeatable team! Level-up your skills and unique equipment of your fighters. What can your Hero do?

⚔️ Storyline of your Fantasy world
Collect treasures, finish various challenges, online quests and strategy games without internet access. Storyline quests will help you reveal complete stories of every Hero from the Online RPG.

A world of dark fantasy awaits you in the AFK RPG.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What type of game is Dark Heroes?

Dark Heroes is a fantasy AFK RPG.

What can players do in Dark Heroes?

Players can join Hero Arena and battles, progress in AFK without efforts, create their own guild of heroes, level up equipment and gear of their fighters, and collect treasures while finishing various challenges and completing storyline quests.