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About Soul Catcher - Action RPG

This is an online top down action arena with a PvP mode, RPG elements and hand painted beautiful graphics. Use one of the three classes in the battle: a warrior, a mage, or a rogue, and start your mysterious adventure! Improve your hero! Join the battle with real knights in real time and show who is worthy to become the king of the arena!

🏆 What is our main feature? We offer simple mechanics — after installation, instead of taking a long time to learn the rules of the game, you immediately go to battle! It's simple: your task is to protect the crystal from your enemies. The more attacks you survive, the greater your reward, which means the more you can spend on upgrading your character. Weapons can not be upgraded yet, but we will definitely add that feature in the next update!

🗡 In addition to single-player offline battles, you can choose to play in multiplayer mode and rush into battle! A tournament in the online arena involves 10 opponents and the strongest wins.

💥 The game allows you to go to two areas:

1. Dungeons. Create your own team of friends and go on a quest for rare things that you can wear yourself or sell at a good price. But the items are guarded by very dangerous enemies. Fight them and win the tournament!

2. Arena. You can go here either alone or with a team. When you beat other heroes in PvP battles, you get points which you can use to buy rare artifacts from the merchant.


1. Online arena without extra bells and whistles. The game takes place on a single platform which makes it easier to understand.
2. You don't need to study the rules of the game for a long time in the menu; you can just choose a hero and immediately go into battle.
3. Classic types of heroes: warrior, mage, and thief (in the next update we will add a new berserker class).
4. Classic characteristics of heroes from RPGs — strength, dexterity , intelligence. Strength gives life, dexterity gives protection and attack speed, intelligence gives mana and magic damage.
5. Simple combat mechanics. Rush the enemy knights and fight them. In many modern games there are no hitboxes, but we have places where your weapon and the enemy touch.
6. Variety of character abilities.
7. Survival arena where it’s every knight for himself. Return to the online arena again when you die!


+ Good 3D graphics, drawn by hand, in a unique style with inspiration from cartoons and old MMORPGs.
+ PvP mode for the game characters with your friends.
+ Joint passage of the dungeon (PvE).
+ Purchase and upgrade weapons.
+ Communicate with the team via game chat.
+ Constant character upgrades.
+ Guild system, a separate chat within the Guild.
+ System of missions and achievements.

💰 Knight's Life is a free RPG game with built-in purchases. You can play without an Internet connection. If you don’t want to invest money in the game, it’s not necessary because for the battle you get coins and crystals that can be spent on upgrading your character.

📆 The game was released in November 2019 and has been actively improving since then. Within a few months, our game has become popular with many fans of classic role-playing games, as evidenced by numerous positive reviews.

Go to the arena and show everyone what a seasoned knight is made of!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Soul Catcher?

Soul Catcher is an online top down action arena with a PvP mode, RPG elements and hand painted beautiful graphics.

What are the classes available in Soul Catcher?

The classes available are a warrior, a mage, or a rogue, and in the next update a new berserker class will be added.

What is the main feature of Soul Catcher?

The main feature of Soul Catcher is its simple mechanics. After installation, you can immediately go to battle and your task is to protect the crystal from your enemies.

Can you upgrade weapons in Soul Catcher?

Currently, weapons cannot be upgraded in Soul Catcher, but it might be added in the next update.

What are the areas you can go to in Soul Catcher?

The areas in Soul Catcher are dungeons and arena. In the dungeon, you can create your own team of friends and collect rare items. In the arena, you can fight other players in PvP battles.

Is Soul Catcher a free game?

Yes, Soul Catcher is a free RPG game with built-in purchases.

When was Soul Catcher released?

Soul Catcher was released in November 2019 and has been improving since then.
It's an amazing game, so amazing that I can't even explain it.
Lincoln Goulette
Really liked, please add more weapons
magzhan maga
Add more weapons. Pls fix bugs in online mode
Smsn J2
Takes up 217mb storage space🧐😤 Only able to play one place because it states PLAY on a signboard. You go from one level to another and another, while fighting a bunch of enemies clumped together. When you ...
Alyssa-jane St. James
Privet Azat
olzhass Games
Awesome fun game
Berik Tursynbek