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About ArheoMania - RPG offline

Unravel the mystery of eternity
What would happen if a crazy princess looted the tomb of the goddess of time? That's right, time would shatter, and its shards would scatter to the farthest corners of the universe. A couple of those shards hit our world, dragging archaeologist Mania into the maelstrom of Stillwater events.

Offline turn based RPG
Her brother, Arheo, embarks on an exciting RPG adventure to save his sister, but finds himself in a terrifying, maddening world full of riddles and opposites. He'll have to reconcile goblins and ogres, rescue geese, and smuggle paste made from powerful fire caterpillars.

An unforgettable roguelike adventure
The world of Stillwater consists of connected time loops. Traveling between them, the characters are immersed in the history of this universe. Palace intrigue and quests, ancient recipes and characters leveling, exploration of dungeons - all this makes ArheoMania an extremely fascinating RPG-roguelike.

Original text quests
The atmosphere of the game is saturated with humor and drama. The quests make you feel sympathy and empathy for the events on the screen. In one scene you will take part in Honeyfest together with a bunch of mad ogres, and in the other - to save the goblin family from the lawlessness of bandits. However, if you're not a fan of reading, you can skip the plot. The main gameplay will not become less exciting.

Turn-based tactical battles
Intricate, humorous quests are interspersed with battles with crowds of enemies. Each type of enemy is unique and has its own abilities - a goblin can poison, a fire caterpillar will set you on fire, an robber will shoot you with an arrow, and a detective will call for help from the dogs. To outwit the enemies, you will need not only to click the screen, but also to use your head. This is especially characteristic of passing on high difficulty.

From Arheo's diary:
I haven't seen Mania since the excavations at Stillwater. It's like she's obsessed with that sarcophagus.

Found my sister's journal. Judging by the entries, she was haunted by the same nightmares I was.

Perhaps Mania couldn't stand the dreams and decided to return. I am going to the Stillwater to study that tomb better.

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