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About Small War - offline turn based strategy

🎌 Free turn-based strategy about the war of civilizations without internet
Challenge yourself in dynamic tactical battles between various civilizations.

The main feature of this offline turn-based strategy is the difference in battle tactics for different races. Lead the defense of the base of zombie archers against monsters, or attack the ranks of soulless robots with tanks. The gameplay is reminiscent of chess or checkers, but the pieces are not limited to classic kings and queens. Instead, you can fight and command the troops of one of seven civilizations with unique characteristics: Humans, Aliens, Robots, Monsters, Zombies, Space Marines and Atlanteans.

Small war is a squeeze out of the key mechanics of turn-based strategies, while the game is free from their main problem - long games. Instead of hours of chess battles, you take part in quick missions, each of which has its own key combat features:

βš€ Tactics
It can be compared to a very fast and fun game of chess, or other tactical games.
The player and the AI ​​are given several warriors. Their task is to destroy the opponent's troops on a tactical military map, taking advantage of the advantages of the chosen races, bonuses and features of the territories.

⚁ Oil Capture Strategy
Oil wells appear on the map, control over which gives the player resources to support the army. The winner is the one who captures more wells and builds the strongest army.

βš‚ Survival
Think over the tactics and strategy of defending the base from the growing waves of the enemy. Time after time, wave after wave of the rival civilization will try to destroy your troops, but don't give up. Apply perks, think over attacks, bypass the enemy with skill and intellect.

βšƒ Cities
New units are created from the population of captured cities. The goal is to grow your civilization faster than your opponent. Combat strategy boils down to preventing the enemy from capturing all the cities on the map.

βš„ Anomalies
The pumping of units and the resources obtained depend on scientific discoveries. This mode is the culmination of the game and combines all the previous ones. To win a war, you should focus on both defending the base and capturing oil rigs and cities. But the most important thing is scientific discoveries that will strengthen the warriors of your civilization. The leveling up is non-linear and differs for each race.

☠ Offline turn-based strategy Small War does not require the Internet, does not contain ads and is suitable for both children and adults ☠

⭐ Try Small War - a mobile offline battle of civilizations - and you won't regret it! ⭐

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Ali Md
It's nice. . u can unlock new content as u play or buy them. No force It's your choice.
Valentine Imomoh
Gota say its a very good little strategy game. The career mode is good. Must have played throught it 10 times by now. The online version has plenty of players so u can play wen ever u want really. 5 stars fr...
Marc Mountford
The gameplay mechanics is so smooth and fun the career campaign is not that hard once you get the hang of it, clearly i didn't even know how to use superpowers until master rank haha and i still manage to be...
Okita Sadist
Challenging and fun strategy game with a fairly quick learning curve. Solid battle grid game, like it a lot, probably will buy.
Percy S
Xy Yz