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You are looking for a "Action Role Playing Game" ?
Well, Heretic Gods is simply the best game for Android if you are ravenous for Epic Loot, mastering skills and to butcher through hordes of monsters in dark dungeons.

English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish,
Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean.
coming soon: Greek, Indonesian, Turkish

Heretic Gods is an ARPG in which players can enter a dark world, full of dungeons and monsters, set in the land of the Viking Myths. Your objective will be to enter the depths of a cursed abbey to banish the heretical gods.

The control system of Heretic Gods is intuitive and is very well adapted to tactile devices. With the virtual crossbar on the left of the screen you can move your character, while with the buttons on the right you can attack and use skills. With just pressing the attack buttons, your hero will automatically target the nearest enemy.

The dungeons of Heretic Gods are generated randomly, so you will never play twice in the same scenario. That said, many levels are very similar to each other, with different variations in architecture and especially in the variation of enemies. The more levels you raise, the deeper you dive into new dungeons with stronger enemies to fight.

A very important aspect of Heretic Gods is the loot. You can find and equip hundreds and hundreds of different objects, including axes, helmets, gloves, boots, armor, shields, bows, swords, rings, and so on. In the village, in addition, we can trade with its inhabitants or even craft your own items.

Heretic Gods manages to successfully adapt the formula of popular roleplaying games to tactile devices. For this, it not only offers an accessible control system, but also some levels with a relatively short duration, which we can finish in a few minutes perfectly styled for mobile gaming.

• random generated dungeons
• shape up different character-builds out of 48+ skills
• adjustable graphic settings for best performance even on old hardware
• innovative auto targeting system
• optional auto fight system
• infinite random generated magic items
• hundreds of unique items and set items
• fully playable for free
• 3 difficulties
• ongoing updates for even more game-content

HereticGods grants full playability now and will be upgraded through updates.
future updates will include more:
• unique items
• set items
• enemies
• boss enemies
• quests
• skills
• game environments

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What genre is Heretic Gods?

Heretic Gods is an Action Role Playing Game.

In which languages is Heretic Gods available?

Heretic Gods is available in English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish, Chinese, Taiwanese, and Korean. Greek, Indonesian, and Turkish will be available soon.

What is the objective of Heretic Gods?

The objective of Heretic Gods is to enter a cursed abbey and banish the heretical gods.

How does the control system work in Heretic Gods?

The control system in Heretic Gods is intuitive and well adapted to tactile devices. Use the virtual crossbar on the left to move your character and the buttons on the right to attack and use skills.

Are the dungeons in Heretic Gods generated randomly?

Yes, the dungeons in Heretic Gods are generated randomly, ensuring a unique experience every time you play.

What can be found in the loot of Heretic Gods?

Heretic Gods offers hundreds of different items, including axes, helmets, gloves, boots, armor, shields, bows, swords, rings, and more.

Is Heretic Gods playable for free?

Yes, Heretic Gods is fully playable for free.

Are there different difficulty levels in Heretic Gods?

Yes, Heretic Gods offers 3 difficulty levels to suit different player preferences.

What can we expect in future updates of Heretic Gods?

Future updates of Heretic Gods will include unique items, set items, enemies, boss enemies, quests, skills, and game environments.
Best dungeon game I played for a while. Even if I had to use all slots to grind up the level cap, it's totally worth it.
Shawn Agustin
The game is awesome to play
Lord Infernicus
This is the only game that's like Diablo. It's enough to satisfy my cravings. Graphics are great, skills are good, the gameplay is all around great. The only things I have an issue with is, 1. Key dungeons s...
Good all round action RPG. If you enjoyed Diablo II, this will do it.
pete Mister
Richard Majin
I don't understand why this game is rated so low. It is so much better than most of the garbage flooding the play store. I looked for a diablo-like game for a looooooong time and shockingly there is only one...