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About Dark Quest 2

Dark Quest 2 is a turn based RPG where you control a party of heroes on your epic quest to defeat the evil sorcerer and his minions.

The game features a party based system where you control a group of heroes, an isometric hand-drawn art style, dice based mechanics and much more.

Each map is designed to take you through an adventure that will test your party's strength, courage and sanity as you go deeper and deeper into the castle in search for the chambers of the evil sorcerer.

• Single-Player Campaign: Play a story driven campaign that takes you through a series of adventure on your epic quest to defeat the evil sorcerer.

• Turn Based Mechanics: Every turn each of your heroes in your party can take one single action. Play wise and carefully or fall captive in the eternal prison of the sorcerer.

• Assemble a Party: Control a group of heroes each with their own personality and strengths. Use the unique strengths of each character and work together to defeat the minions of the evil sorcerer.

• Enter a world of fantasy and adventure: Explore twisted mazes, find hidden doors and fight bloodthirsty orcs!

• Village: Stay with the old masters and learn new powers, craft new weapons and mix potions that improve the capabilities of your heroes.

• Skull of Fate: In the darkest dungeons of the castle, when left with no hope your last and only way out will be to roll the skull of fate and reveal your twisted fate.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Dark Quest 2?

Dark Quest 2 is a turn-based RPG where you control a party of heroes on a quest to defeat an evil sorcerer.

What are the main features of the game?

The game features a party-based system, hand-drawn art style, dice-based mechanics, and more.

How does the gameplay work?

The gameplay is turn-based, where each hero in your party can take one action per turn.

What is the goal of the game?

The goal of the game is to defeat the evil sorcerer by progressing through a story-driven campaign.

Can I control multiple heroes?

Yes, you can control a group of heroes, each with their own personality and strengths.

What can I do in the village?

In the village, you can stay with the old masters, learn new powers, craft weapons, and mix potions.

Is there any element of chance in the game?

Yes, in the darkest dungeons, you may have to roll the skull of fate to determine your fate.

What kind of enemies will I face?

You will face bloodthirsty orcs and other minions of the evil sorcerer.

How is the game visually presented?

The game has an isometric hand-drawn art style.

Can I play Dark Quest 2 in multiplayer mode?

No, Dark Quest 2 is a single-player game.
I love this game. It's good. I recommend it as a buy.
Nathan Tims
Top notch quick Rpq adventure
Benjamin Pinard
Good game
Love it.
Shelly Lee
Great game if you played dark quest you will like this one also same game play but with a different look
Randy Hammond
Fantastic strategy game. No in app purchases. Perfect.
Jamie Clapp