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About Merge Go - Monster Evolution

The 3D Idle game of Pets Collecting, Merge Go goes live now!
Summon cute pets to battle, 500 + pets are waiting for you to collect!
10 free chances to draw every day! Collect various pets and level up easily!

Game Story:
Hey, trainer! Yeah it’s you. Come to summon pets and have fun in Merge Go!
Have you seen the forrest in front of you? Many pets live here and are waiting a trainer. Don’t you want to find your own pets here?
You can go to the town after you have found your pets. Extra rewards are available if you win the battle in the Gym or the Monster Tower.

Game Features:
. Rich offline rewards - So many cute pets will work for you.
. Array your fight squad freely - Fully understand game rules! Utilize the rules like racial restraint and team array to win freely
. Various pets to collect - 3D idle game! 500+ cute pets are waiting to be collected and more functions are on the way!

Download now! If you have any problems, please contact us! Email: [email protected]

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Merge Go?

Merge Go is a 3D idle game of pets collecting where you can summon cute pets to battle and collect over 500 pets.

How many free chances to draw are available in Merge Go?

Merge Go provides 10 free chances to draw every day.

What is the game story of Merge Go?

The game story of Merge Go is about finding your own pets in the forest and going to town for extra rewards by winning battles in the Gym or the Monster Tower.

What are the game features of Merge Go?

Some of the game features of Merge Go include rich offline rewards, the ability to array your fight squad freely, and the ability to collect various pets in a 3D idle game with over 500 pets.

Where can I download Merge Go?

You can download Merge Go and contact the developers for any problems through email at [email protected].
it is fun game
Emmitt Ferry Mccann
it a fun game I like it just like merge go they are both very addicting.
Tyler Haack
Big C
UPDATE: I did not know some monsters have a limit of 3 stars which is you can not merge them. Just have the game crash every now and then, but so far a great game.
Pikapower 211