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About Super String

Recruit and train a variety of unique Agents
and lead them to battle in Super String, an RPG that maximizes the fun of collecting and strategizing.

Take up the mantle of Commander, lead a team of webtoon super heroes,
and save humanity from the clutches of a formidable foe!
[Game Features]

■ Recruit and Train Them All!
- Recruit and train over 100 unique Agents
and build up your ultimate team!
[Agents] Over 100 Webtoon Heroes come to life in Full 3D
[Types] Craft your own custom deck based on the different Types (Offense, Defense, Specialist, Support)
[Progression] Upgrade your Agents’ Levels, Star-Levels, Skills, and more
[Equipment] Maximize the impact of strategic Skills through Gear/Core Equipment

■ Master the Strategy and Outwit Your Opponents
- Understand your Agents and overwhelm your foes on the battlefield
with flawless strategies

■ Become the Commander and Lead Your Heroes to Victory!
- From the engaging [Campaign] Mode
to [R.A.I.D], [Abyss], and Real-Time [PVP] Modes!
Take command of your heroes and unleash their powers through the various game modes!

■ Immerse Yourself in Full-3D Cinematics!
- Witness a compelling story unfold
through immaculately directed cinematics!

[Optional Permissions]
Photos/Media/Files: Required in order to save error logs in the event of identification/correction of errors in certain situations.

[Turning Off Permissions]
Android 6.0 or higher: Settings > Apps > Select App > Permissions > Allow or deny permissions
Android 6.0 or lower: Upgrade your operating system to turn off permissions or delete the app entirely.
※ The app may not request permissions separately, and you may have to turn off permissions as described above.
※ It is recommended that you upgrade to Android 6.0 or higher, as you will not be able to set optional permissions separately in lower versions.

※ Recommended System Requirements: 3GB RAM (Galaxy S8 and above)

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Super String?

Super String is an RPG game where you recruit and train unique Agents, lead them to battle, and strategize to save humanity from a formidable foe.

How many Agents can I recruit and train?

You can recruit and train over 100 unique Agents to build up your ultimate team in Super String.

What types of webtoon heroes are available in the game?

Super String features over 100 Webtoon Heroes that come to life in Full 3D.

Can I customize my team's deck?

Yes, you can craft your own custom deck based on the different Types of Agents (Offense, Defense, Specialist, Support).

What progression options are available for the Agents?

You can upgrade your Agents' Levels, Star-Levels, Skills, and more in Super String.

How can I maximize the impact of strategic Skills?

You can maximize the impact of strategic Skills through Gear/Core Equipment in Super String.

How can I outwit my opponents in battle?

To outwit your opponents, you need to understand your Agents and formulate flawless strategies in Super String.

What game modes are available in Super String?

Super String offers various game modes, including the engaging [Campaign] Mode, [R.A.I.D], [Abyss], and Real-Time [PVP] Modes.

Are there cinematics in the game?

Yes, you can immerse yourself in full 3D cinematics that unfold a compelling story in Super String.

What are the recommended system requirements for Super String?

It is recommended to have a device with at least 3GB RAM (Galaxy S8 and above) for optimal gameplay.
Faiz Ardiansyah
Really good game.
Erin DeLotelle
F2p friendly, nice looking characters with nice animation for all attacks. Turn base so having fun. Please try to advertise the game more so people will join the game, is great game but a lot people doesn't ...
Fredy Parra
J Tmon
Love it. Just wished it advertised the gane more, so others can play
Qwayku Boatten
Really enjoying this game so far. I have never heard of it before but saw it recommended and gave it a go. Really nice ui and graphics and the characters and skills are amazing.