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About Soul Land Reloaded

Attention all manga and web novel fans, Soul Land Reloaded has finally come!

100% based on the original Soul Land story and officially licensed by the Soul Land series. Experience Tang San’s epic journey, meet Shrek Seven Devils, hunt down Soul Beasts, and conquer Sea God Island.

Game Features:
[Official Copyright License]
Soul Land Reloaded is in direct cooperation with the Soul Land anime series, we aim to provide our players with an experience that matches reading the original novel or watching anime, from character personality to exciting plot twists, you'll find all the familiar Soul Land elements here.

[No Wasted Investment]
There's no useless Martial Soul in Soul Land, just like there's no wasted investment in the game, all resources you spent can be refunded by reincarnating heroes. There are also various convenient functions that you can use to reach the top faster.

[Real-time Combat]
True Soul Masters never stand still in battle, control your character to dodge dangerous enemy attacks, find advantageous points to outplay your opponents, activate ultimate at the right moment to maximize your damage or negate enemy skills.

[Insane progression Speed]
Free 10 pull for your first 7 days log-in, super high drop rate, and multiple guaranteed summons, all your favorite characters can be collected with ease. On top of that, there are countless in-game events and free daily gifts for you to claim.

[Build Heroes and Compete]
Sometimes you just need to show them the color of your Soul Ring, and if that's not enough, flex your Martial Soul and Extended Soul Bone. In Soul Land Reloaded, you will develop your characters like a real Soul Master, and you know what to do next, compete with other players for the Ultimate Douluo Title.

You can also find us on these platforms:

For a better gaming experience, please make sure your device
Minimum Android system version: 5.0
Minimum RAM 512M

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Soul Land Reloaded?

Soul Land Reloaded is a game based on the original Soul Land manga and web novel. It is officially licensed by the Soul Land series and offers an immersive experience with familiar characters and plot elements.

Are all the resources spent in the game refundable?

Yes, all resources spent in Soul Land Reloaded can be refunded by reincarnating heroes. This ensures that there is no wasted investment in the game.

Can I control my character in real-time combat?

Yes, in Soul Land Reloaded, you can control your character to dodge enemy attacks, find advantageous points, and activate powerful skills at the right moment. Real-time combat is a key feature of the game.

Is the progression speed in the game fast?

Yes, Soul Land Reloaded offers an insane progression speed. Players receive a free 10-pull for the first 7 days of log-in, high drop rates, and multiple guaranteed summons. Countless in-game events and daily gifts are also available to speed up progress.

Can I compete with other players in Soul Land Reloaded?

Absolutely! In the game, players can develop their characters like real Soul Masters and compete with other players for the Ultimate Douluo Title. Show off your Soul Ring and Martial Soul to prove your strength.

What are the platforms where I can find Soul Land Reloaded?

You can find Soul Land Reloaded on Reddit, Facebook, and Discord. Join the subreddit r/Soul_Land_Reloaded, visit the Facebook page at, or join the Discord community at

What are the minimum system requirements for playing Soul Land Reloaded?

For a better gaming experience, it is recommended to have a minimum Android system version of 5.0 and a minimum RAM of 512MB on your device.
The game itself is okay but i love soul land so it is perfect for me
ichsan wing
good game
Ady Das
lsv lsv
good good good hay lắm admin ơi....
Phuc Pham
So far I'm loving it, pretty good on giving free gifts. Game play is fun. You can buy also. And great free characters. Great graphics!
janet monroe
Israr shaikh