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About Forlands

Forlands, one of the best Wuxia games is finally been released!

As a Martial Arts MMORPG are largely influenced by codified systems and traditions of well-known combat practices. You can find various gameplays, multiple social systems and dungeons as well as cross-server matches and guild wars in the game. Forlands is a must-play game and you can¡’t afford to miss this year!

*Game Features
Full HD Display Spectacular World
Forlands has adopted a number of high-quality original paintings creating imposing and impressive characters. The effect of skill is so dazzling that you can feel the heat of fighting!

*Perfect Visual Experience Stunning Effect
This game is going to give you a totally fresh experience of fantasy world. Immersive hit feel, simple and smooth operations and a gaming experience beyond PC-game, you can now enjoy all of these in simply one game!

*Epic World Map
High quality graphic and stunning scenes are going to immerse you in the 3D fantasy world!

*Fair Gaming Environment
Powerful anti-cheat mechanisms ensure a fun and fair environment for all beloved player!

*Epic Fantasy Wuxia Style Cool Skills
Epic fantasy Wuxia style, amazing battle scenes, well-designed character images and various skill combinations make this game the best MMORPG you can’t miss this year!

*Hero System
We have a total of 8 heroes in our game, each of which will have a different image and ability. Heroes can help players attack enemies with powerful skills.

*World Boss
There are world boss in the game. Players will personally participate in the rescue of the Immortal Continent by strengthening their strength and defeating the leaders who undermine world peace.

*Cool Wings
The Wings in the game are both decorative and functional. With them, you can fly to anywhere you

*Awesome Relic
The awesome Relic brings you more power and cool effect to defeat all of the enemies!

*Flipped Mount
The Mount with flipped effects and styles can bring you go wherever you want!

*Real-time interaction, social, PK always offered
Varieties of social system, marriage, relationship, sworn, apprenticeship, factions, trading system, real-time interaction command for friends, beauties and handsome are awaiting you!

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※This game is rated for 12+ according to Game Software Rating Regulations.
※ This game contains image of fighting, sexual or attacking that is not bloody, or a slightly terrifying image.
※This game design procures users to have virtual romantic relationship or virtual marriage.
※This game has a top-
up store. You are  advised to spend wisely according to personal interest and ability.
※Playing game for long hours might affect normal work and rest. You are advised to take rest and exercise appropriately.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What type of game is Forlands?

Forlands is a Martial Arts MMORPG that is largely influenced by codified systems and traditions of well-known combat practices.

What are the game features of Forlands?

The game features of Forlands include a full HD display with spectacular world, a perfect visual experience with stunning effects, an epic world map, a fair gaming environment with powerful anti-cheat mechanisms, an epic fantasy Wuxia style with cool skills, a hero system with 8 different heroes, a world boss feature, cool wings for flying, awesome relics for more power, and flipped mounts for stylish transportation.

Is Forlands available this year?

Yes, Forlands has been released this year and is a must-play game.

How is the visual experience in Forlands?

Forlands offers a perfect visual experience with stunning effects, immersive hit feel, simple and smooth operations, and a gaming experience beyond PC-game.

Can I interact with other players in Forlands?

Yes, Forlands offers real-time interaction, various social systems, and PvP (player versus player) options for players to engage with each other.

What is the age rating for Forlands?

Forlands is rated for ages 12 and older according to Game Software Rating Regulations.

Are there in-game purchases in Forlands?

Yes, Forlands has a top-up store where players can make in-game purchases. It is advised to spend wisely according to personal interest and ability.

Can playing Forlands for long hours affect normal work and rest?

Yes, it is advised to take rest and exercise appropriately as playing the game for long hours might affect normal work and rest.
Nice graphics and gameplay
Rene Ramirez
I loved this game very much. First i was not able to understand the game but when i understood th game the I was not able to stop playing this game. You all should download this game .
Shuchi Dalwadi
I love it 😍
Dada G.l.g
Nice game
Anil Kumar
Why is it that when i am playing the game after 2 minute it will quit by itself please work on it
Joseph Dibie
Nice game
Earljoshua Castor