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About Immortal Legend

The misty fairyland is vast and boundless, the immortal legend gather in the Ninth Heaven.

The new fantasy mmorpg is now on mobile! Immortal Legend is a unique war nation mobile game with eastern style. Thousands of people join the massive war on the same screen to fight for honor!, you can easily upgrade your level even you are AFK, fight in the battlefield with cute pet, customize the fancy costume, keep playing exciting events, and join an epic war to defeat BOSS.

Game Feature

Enjoy Idle Mode
Fantasy MMO Idle Game with open world gameplay. You can enjoy the war and be the strongest without spend too much effort, even you can get rare equipment and rare costume.

Epic War
The four classes competed for the bloody battle to the end. There are a lot of maps to support the PK duel. Who will be the ruler?

Non-stop Exciting Events
Various dungeons and unlimited events are waiting for you. Are you ready to start the battle?

Fighting together sacred beasts
Kind of strong beasts are ready to fight together with you. Various mounts also can help you conquer the battlefield. They also can become the key to victory.

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Edhsser Asuncion
best game i played
Jamez Alvarez
All goods ❤️❤️❤️
Daikii Matsumoto
perfect mmorpg 🥰🥰🥰
Lanz Zerna
The game is good. I really like the auto mission so even Im not using the phone I still can farm also theres an auto equip items etc and I love that feature. The only thing that I want to see on the game is ...
excellent graphics for me
Julbro Gesco