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About Chaos: Immortal Era

Pre-order now to get an additional cool mount - Chaos Ancient Dragon, 100 Advanced Mount Pills, and 1 Million Gold !

Chaos: Immortal Era is a large 3D fantasy MMORPG with the background of the ancient wilderness. There are a lot of benefits in the game, such as permanent free VIP10, millions of coins, etc., You can buy whatever you want in the store. Incredibly, You can even get recharge vouchers that are equal to the real money when farming. It is the MMO with best benefits ever, and more gifts are waiting for you.

[Game Features]

3D world, Ten vast wilderness maps are fascinating, and more than 20 secret areas are full of light and strange, Let's hands in hands to admire the beautiful mountains and rivers of the Great Wilderness! ! Immersive main plot will reinterpret the myth of the great wilderness, subvert your ancient memories. Wonderful PVP and PVE gameplay will give you entirely new experience! Precise combat sense, gorgeous special effects will immerse you in this world!

Would you want to be a Fashion Collector?
Receive Fashion Outfit by daily sign-in, level-up, and Free purchase. Dressing on your mood, You are the next fashionista, the new look collector!

Relaxed Socializing and Sweet Marriage
That is a unique social system, Create a Clan, Marry to your destiny and raise a baby, Sworn with your brother.....Chatting and Fighting!

Chaos Battlefield
Immortal or Devil, the Battlefield will see who is the dominator. Thousands are online to grab the champion, and who will be the king at last? Exclusive title, Custom-made Artifacts, Gold Mounts, Is that status attractive to you?

Five Class to accompany you start the Xianxia journey
Warrior, Swordman, Witch, Assassin, Archer, for your choice. Free combination of skills, combo, smooth move, and five class have their advantages. Furthermore, a mysterious new Class is being developed and is coming soon!

The story begins on vast and bizarre continent, You will be the special one in this Xianxia world.

Please feel free to contact us when you have game complaint

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What are the benefits of pre-ordering Chaos: Immortal Era?

By pre-ordering Chaos: Immortal Era, you will receive an additional cool mount - Chaos Ancient Dragon, 100 Advanced Mount Pills, and 1 Million Gold.

What is Chaos: Immortal Era?

Chaos: Immortal Era is a large 3D fantasy MMORPG with the background of the ancient wilderness. It offers a variety of benefits such as permanent free VIP10, millions of coins, and the ability to buy whatever you want in the store. It also provides recharge vouchers that are equivalent to real money when farming.

What are the game features of Chaos: Immortal Era?

The game features a 3D world with ten vast wilderness maps and over 20 secret areas. It has an immersive main plot that reinterprets the myth of the great wilderness and offers PVP and PVE gameplay. The combat sense is precise with gorgeous special effects.

Can I become a Fashion Collector in Chaos: Immortal Era?

Yes, in Chaos: Immortal Era, you can become a Fashion Collector. You can receive Fashion Outfits through daily sign-ins, leveling up, and free purchases. Dress according to your mood and become the next fashionista and new look collector.

Does Chaos: Immortal Era have socializing and marriage features?

Yes, Chaos: Immortal Era has relaxed socializing and sweet marriage features. You can create a clan, get married to your destiny, raise a baby, and form sworn alliances. You can chat with other players and also engage in fights.

What is the Chaos Battlefield in Chaos: Immortal Era?

The Chaos Battlefield is a competitive arena where Immortals or Devils battle to become the dominator. Thousands of players go online to grab the champion title, and exclusive rewards such as custom-made artifacts and gold mounts are up for grabs.

How many classes are there in Chaos: Immortal Era?

Chaos: Immortal Era offers five classes for players to choose from - Warrior, Swordsman, Witch, Assassin, and Archer. Each class has its own advantages, and players can freely combine skills and perform combos. There is also a mysterious new class that is currently being developed and will be released soon.

What is the setting of Chaos: Immortal Era?

Chaos: Immortal Era is set in a vast and bizarre continent. Players will take on the role of a special character in this Xianxia world.

How can I contact the game developers with complaints or feedback?

If you have any complaints or feedback regarding the game, you can contact the developers on their Facebook page:
Very imter active and fun game
Enak Sarbac
Tania Ruiz
super enjoy
Sagaysay Alvin
Nice game
Swags Swager
Amazing game
Marcio Pinheiro
I love the game
Matthew Collins