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About Immortal Awakening

The Immortal War, between Deities and Demons, has ruined our Homeland.
Awakener, with the blessing from Human Last Shelter, will you save the world from the Grand Collapse?

Challenge the epic Boss in countless PVE dungeons! Win over the legendary loot with your courage and skills!
- Strategically designed PVE Dungeons
- Various Bosses with unique skills set
- Win the victory and more
- Drop the Legendary Gear Set
- The Doomsday is yet to come

In the Ancient Arena, the winner takes all! Crush your enemies no matter what it takes!
- Dodge the incoming attacks
- Use the skills combo wisely
- Unleash your ultimate power
- 1VS1, 5VS5, GVSG, everything you can imagine

Slay the enemy monster in front of you! Clear the battlefield to gain the honor you are chasing for.
- Slash-em-all! Overwhelming 1vsThousand victory
- A feast of AOE skills combination
- Tons of EXP help your level skyrocket

Show your wisdom and outsmart your friends! Use strategy in building your own character from zero to hero.
- Customize from head to toe
- Come up with your own build strategy
- Every character is totally unique

In the world of doom, hunt or to be hunted? Capture the Immortal beings whether it is a God or Demon!
- Plot-twisting background story
- Sensational art design
- Don’t tell the legend, be the Legend

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is the Immortal War?

The Immortal War is a conflict between Deities and Demons that has devastated our Homeland.

What is the role of an Awakener?

An Awakener, blessed by the Human Last Shelter, has the responsibility to save the world from the Grand Collapse.

What can I expect from the PVE dungeons in Immortal Awakening?

The PVE dungeons are strategically designed with various Bosses that have unique skill sets. By defeating them, you can win legendary loot and gear sets.

What should I do to win in PVP battles in the Ancient Arena?

To win in PVP battles, you need to dodge incoming attacks, use your skills combo wisely, and unleash your ultimate power. The battles can be 1VS1, 5VS5, GVSG, or any other format you can imagine.

How can I gain honor in the battlefield of Immortal Awakening?

In the battlefield, you can gain honor by slaying enemy monsters and clearing the area. With overwhelming victories and AOE skills combinations, you can level up quickly and earn tons of EXP.

How can I build my own hero in Immortal Awakening?

You can customize your hero from head to toe and come up with your own build strategy. Each character is unique and reflects your wisdom and creativity.

What is the objective in the world of doom in Immortal Awakening?

In the world of doom, you can choose to either hunt or be hunted. The objective is to capture Immortal beings, whether they are Gods or Demons. The game features a plot-twisting background story and sensational art design, allowing you to become the Legend instead of just hearing about it.