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About Vendetta Online HD - Space MMO

Come explore a massive galaxy with thousands of other players in this true 3D MMORPG set in space. Customize your spaceship, trade between stations, battle pirates or become one yourself. Choose to fight other players, or cooperate with friends to push back the mysterious Hive. Join in massive space battles, or enjoy low-key trading and mining in a quiet corner of the galaxy, the choice is yours!

True newtonian-physics space gameplay, with fully realtime combat.

Variety of casual and short-term goals allows for fun and progress when only a little time is available to play.

This "HD" version of Vendetta Online includes special enhancements over the regular free game, including:

- Google Daydream VR support, on official Daydream devices (Pixel, Pixel XL, Moto Z, etc). VR support is optional and not required, the game can be played in either "Touchscreen" or "VR" mode.

- Rendering engine performance enhancements and improved ASTC textures for recent devices.

Vendetta Online does NOT support "Google Cardboard", usage in VR requires an official Daydream device.

Game controller support: For the best experience, play with a full-sized game controller, such as those made by SteelSeries, Razer, Moga and Nyko. Also "TV Mode" for AndroidTV compatible devices.

- Seamlessly switch between mobile and PC! Play the game on your Mac, Windows, or Linux machine when at home. Single universe for all platforms.

- Updated and patches released frequently, often every week or two. Player feedback is regularly incorporated into new updates (see the forums of

- Integrated Voice Chat! Talk to your friends and collaborate on gameplay, across all different platforms.

- Integrated Speech Recognition allows easier text-chat in VR mode, while text-to-speech will read you mission updates.

- Free to Play on Android, up to a level cap (the cap is being continually raised, and will eventually be removed entirely). The level cap usually takes weeks or months to reach, and is not as relevant to gameplay as actual player-skill. An optional $1/month subscription also allows play on PC.

- This is a full-blown PC MMORPG, live and continuously updated since 2002. This is not an over-simplified "mobile" game, and it has tremendous depth. Expect it to be a constantly evolving journey, not a game to be fully "learned" in one sitting.

System Requirements and Notes:

- 500MB of free storage space is recommended.

- Installing over Wifi is suggested. Gameplay may also be affected by mobile network quality.

- Vendetta Online is one of the most hardware-intensive mobile games ever created. If you experience device problems (device reboots, lockups), please contact us to let us know, but be aware that these are actually not bugs with the game itself! Rather, the game is showing bugs in hardware drivers and firmware. We try to work with device manufacturers to push them to test their products more intensively, to avoid these kinds of problems.

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Good Game
Baracu S.B.
Great work so far. looking forward to this visual makeover that's coming up
99 Nation Videos
Love it best space game there is
Drew Porter
This game is exactly what I've been looking for! I love how it's similar to EVE ONLINE but with a simpler concept. The controls take a bit to get used to but you can edit them to your style in the Options me...
Oscar PortoLebron
fabulous graphics! in depth story line, loved it, however is you have motion sickness issues with games beware.
Amanda MItchell
great game. well optimized and supported. everything works as should.