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About Dream Holiday Resort

Are you ready to manage your Dream Holiday Resort and become a chain resort tycoon?

Take on the challenge and become a billionaire while running the resort and solving various demands for your guests!

Start taking charge of a small ski park resort and work hard to make your resort grow. Improve every detail in your hotel to become a five-star resort.

Renovate and upgrade your resort!
The key is to build and unlock more and more areas and rooms. Enlarge your hotel rooms, add luxury furniture and impressive decoration, enhance all the facilities and comforts to make your guests happy offering the best leisure entertainment activities.

Unlock countless food recipes!

Take attention to your restaurant and souvenir store! This’s the biggest income of your resort except for the room services.
You need to meet the various need of your guest. The more recipes you unlock, the more reward you can get!

Build up various entertainment!

Why do people like the resort? Cause they can have fun in it!
As a resort owner, you can build up different kinds of facilities! A fabulous ski park in ALPS, the diving and surfacing are beside the Hawaii, and pub, restaurant, swimming pool in various styles, etc.


Set up the perfect hotel staff and manage more and more efficient services.
You must properly manage the human resources department such as hiring a receptionist at the front desk, as long as hiring cooks to provide services for the guests, last but not least you have to hire cleaners to ensure the cleanliness of your hotel. Business strategies are essential in this game!

Open resort all over the world:
Find the fabulous holiday spot, build and manage the chain resort from 0 to 1!
You have left your footprints at The ALPS, Egypt, Hawaii!

Spend your money wisely in your business to make your resort bigger. Take decisions intelligently, and run all possible types of hotels to expand your resort empire.

If you love business games, "Dream Holiday Resort - Idle management game" will not make you disappointed. A causal easy-to-play game that combines simulation and idle gameplays. Transform your small resort into the best chain resort and become a billionaire resort tycoon!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Are there different areas and rooms in the resort that can be unlocked and upgraded?

Yes, you can build and unlock more areas and rooms in the resort to make it bigger and better.

Can I unlock different food recipes in the game?

Yes, you can unlock countless food recipes to improve your restaurant and increase your income.

What kind of entertainment facilities can I build in the resort?

You can build various entertainment facilities such as a ski park, diving and surfacing areas, pub, restaurant, and swimming pool.

Is it important to properly manage the staff in the resort?

Yes, it is essential to set up the perfect hotel staff and manage their services efficiently.

Can I open resorts in different locations around the world?

Yes, you can find fabulous holiday spots and build and manage chain resorts all over the world.

Can I expand my resort empire and become a billionaire resort tycoon?

Yes, by making wise decisions and running different types of hotels, you can expand your resort empire and become a billionaire.