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About Infinity Clan

With clans fighting and people struggling to survive, who will end this chaos?

Join the clan and be the strongest warrior! It is your duty to restore the glory of your clan!

Instant Upgrade
Whether it's building or troop unit, just merge and upgrade. No more tedious waiting. Experience the exciting clan cultivation!

Recruit Heroes & Defend Home
Become the commander of your clan, recruit different heroes to fight and defend your own home.

Lead Your Clan
Develop with your clan mambers. Compete with other clans and make your clan stronger.

Build Your Home
Start from zero, build your home to train troops and make your home more unique by placing and upgrading various buildings.

Global Online Battle
Various game modes are waiting for you. Develop the clan with players from all over the world and recast the glory of the clan!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Infinity Clan?

Infinity Clan is a clan where members can join to become strong warriors and restore the glory of their clan.

How can I upgrade buildings and troop units?

You can instantly upgrade buildings and troop units by merging and upgrading them, eliminating the need for tedious waiting.

What can I do as the commander of my clan?

As the commander of your clan, you can recruit different heroes to fight and defend your own home.

How can I make my clan stronger?

You can make your clan stronger by developing with your clan members, competing with other clans, and participating in various game modes.

How can I build my home?

You can start from zero and build your home by training troops and by placing and upgrading various buildings to make your home more unique.

Is there a global online battle feature?

Yes, there is a global online battle feature where you can develop your clan with players from all over the world and recast the glory of the clan.