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About Holy Dragon Knight

Free MMORPG Game feel the tension of 24/7 epic massive war, prepare your Armor, sharpen your Swords and join the excitement of new Adventure! Stunning graphics with a smooth battle skill doesn't need a high specs Smartphone! Everyone can join the epic historical story and answer Destiny's call! Battle for the Throne is starting and it's your time to claim it!

4 Legendary Class
Decide your destiny Path by selecting the character class, Strong frontline called Knight, Deadly attacker Assasin, Never Miss the shoot Archer or Magical power Sage Mage! play your own style battle and beat enemies ahead!

Massive National War
Fight against hundreds of Worldwide players to defend the honor of your Nations on the Classical 3D Battlefield! Eternal Glory and tons of treasure are await to claim, it's yours to rewrite the history book!

Fight The Epic World BOSS
Join up with hundreds of global players Fight the Epic World BOSS to save the world from devastation! it's your time to restore the peace in the world.

Furious Wings Features
Unlock the true powers of a universe by wearing Wings! Impressive looks on the characters and increase your power to fight all the evil monsters ahead.

24/7 Nonstop Exciting Events
Get tons of Epic Items, Free Gold, and Mysterious Items by joining the Exciting events every day! You will never feel bored in the game!

This game is to awesome and fun..💕🎉
Hazel De Vera
Its a good games
Jastin Teodoro
Donald Franco
good game
Abby Naura
Nice game you should try it
Kristoper Dollesin
Great game and friendly moderators. Easy guidelines for newbies. Well done!
Sheldon Axie