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About The Greedy Cave 2: Time Gate

The story of the Greedy Cave 2 happened after the predecessor. It took 2 years for the original dev team to polish it and bring you a dedicated Roguelike RPG game.

Game Features:

【Cthulhu Style, Random Dungeon】
Cthulhu, the world-famous art style has been reinterpreted in The Greedy Cave 2! Twisted BOSS, crazy monsters, dark dungeons, and hundreds of challenging mazes are waiting for you. With the addition of Rougelike elements, new trips every time!

【Three special class, hundreds of gears】
Three kinds of class, sword, shield, and mage, different weapons activate different skill trees, your battle strategy is on your own! Hundreds of gears to collect make you the coolest dungeon crawler!

【Team-up for more rewards】
Team-up with other players to explore in real-time together, richer rewards, better experience, recruit and build your own guild! Every time you go to the cave, it is a multiplayer survival challenge, so who is the winner in the end? Real-time voice communication is available, which brings you more fun.

【New pet system】
Incubate your exclusive pet, and train your powerful partner, it is your right-hand man, also a solid backing when you exploring. Face and sweep all the monsters together!

【Auto expedition, relieve stress】
The expedition allows you to reasonably adjust work and rest, earn rewards even offline.

Permission description
1. RECORD_AUDIO is used for team voice function, which can communicate smoothly with teammates
2. READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE, WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Used for customer service and other functions to allow us to provide you with better services. Please rest assured that these permissions will not reveal any of your personal information.

In order to provide you the best game experience, we recommend that you grant the permissions above. If you have any questions, please feel free to address to [email protected]

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Facebook: @GreedyCave2

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is the story of The Greedy Cave 2: Time Gate?

The story of The Greedy Cave 2 takes place after its predecessor. The original development team spent 2 years polishing it to bring you a dedicated Roguelike RPG game.

What art style is used in The Greedy Cave 2?

The Greedy Cave 2 features the world-famous Cthulhu art style, reinterpreted in the game. Twisted bosses, crazy monsters, dark dungeons, and challenging mazes await you.

How many classes are there in the game?

There are three special classes in The Greedy Cave 2: sword, shield, and mage. Each class has different weapons that activate different skill trees, allowing you to create your own battle strategy.

Can I team up with other players?

Yes, you can team up with other players in real-time to explore together. This not only provides richer rewards and a better experience but also allows you to recruit and build your own guild.

Is there a pet system in the game?

Yes, The Greedy Cave 2 has a new pet system. You can incubate and train your exclusive pet, which will become your powerful partner in the game and help you face and defeat monsters.

Does the game offer an auto expedition feature?

Yes, the game offers an auto expedition feature that allows you to earn rewards even when you are offline. This feature helps you balance work and rest while still progressing in the game.

What are the permission requirements for the game?

The game requires the following permissions: RECORD_AUDIO, which is used for team voice function; READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE and WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE, which are used for customer service and other functions. Rest assured that these permissions do not reveal any of your personal information.

How can I contact customer support for The Greedy Cave 2?

If you have any questions, you can contact customer support by emailing [email protected].

Where can I follow The Greedy Cave 2 on social media?

You can follow The Greedy Cave 2 on Facebook at @GreedyCave2.
Nice game like a MMORPG
Lynn Paing Lynn Paing
Totally epic owh nearly forgot please put in guild chat too so you could chat someone even thou he or she offline Thanks Ps please dont put too much update so it wont drop the game rate
Darren elisa
Eduard Cindea
Thx for game)))
Lack 777
Игра супер Мне так же понравилась первая часть Но эта ни чем не хуже 5/5
Евгений Юрлов
Paul Sibz