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About Robot Warfare: Mech Battle 3D PvP FPS

ROBOT WARFARE - breathtaking multiplayer online shooter from true masters of the genre. Assemble your own garage of robots with unique abilities and weapons and win your enemies in dynamic 6v6 battles!

✪ 25+ original robots
Huge variety of robots with unique abilities. Jump on the buildings, maneuver from cover to cover, hide behind shields or infiltrate enemy lines in full invisibility - play as you always wanted to! You’ll also get a bunch of robots for free just by leveling up!

✪ Test-drives
Unique opportunity to test-drive the newest premium robots. Get the best robots completely free of charge! Rent your desired robot, upgrade it & fight in battles. After a few battles, the robot will become yours for good!

✪ Drones
Unique drone-helpers fighting beside you! Equip your drone with your favorite weapon for extra firepower!

✪ Pilots
Ability to use up to 10 robots in 1 battle! No need to choose which of your favorite robots to bring to battle - you can use them all!

✪ Upgrade system
Special upgrade system for your robots and weapons.

✪ Great HD graphics
Awesome visuals: detailed robots and beautiful maps!

✪ Social networks
We have a great gaming community! Join us, speak right to the devs, communicate with the players, get the latest news and win our awesome contests and giveaways!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How many robots are available in Robot Warfare: Mech Battle 3D PvP FPS?

There are over 25 original robots available in the game.

Can I test-drive premium robots in the game?

Yes, you have the unique opportunity to test-drive the newest premium robots for free.

Are there drones in the game that fight alongside the player?

Yes, there are unique drone-helpers that fight beside the player.

How many robots can I use in a battle?

You can use up to 10 robots in one battle, allowing you to bring all your favorites.

Is there an upgrade system for the robots and weapons?

Yes, there is a special upgrade system for both the robots and weapons.

How are the graphics in Robot Warfare: Mech Battle 3D PvP FPS?

The game features great HD graphics with detailed robots and beautiful maps.

Is there a gaming community for the game?

Yes, there is a great gaming community where you can join, communicate with the developers, interact with other players, get the latest news, and participate in contests and giveaways.
This game is so much fun
mohd adli
I dont have anything to say still
Lelania Rogers
Nice game in strategy category..
prajyot Vichare
👍 Good Game
Still learning
Steve Jones
I like it
Toxic Injector