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Robot Warrior: Top-down shooter. Offline game. Screenshot 0
Robot Warrior: Top-down shooter. Offline game. Screenshot 1
Robot Warrior: Top-down shooter. Offline game. Screenshot 2
Robot Warrior: Top-down shooter. Offline game. Screenshot 3
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About Robot Warrior: Top-down shooter. Offline game.

Are you looking for topdown games with thrilling 3D person shooter gameplay?
Want these top down games to be sci-fi & mech shooter based?

Welcome to Robot Warrior, a new exciting top-down shooter game where you play the role of a mech warrior robot shooter. Plunge into the world of post-apocalypse on a distant planet. Explore underground cities and fight hordes of aggressive robots. Build your robot from various parts and test its effectiveness in battles!

Located in a post-apocalypse world on another planet where people live underground, Robot Warrior takes you on a riveting journey. A journey where you play the robot which is a creation of the professor and his daughter who need to protect the people from the new dangerous enemies –the aggressive robots.

Start as a plain robot in this top-down 3D shooting adventure. Then grow its abilities and customize them to your preference. Try different weapons, enroll on tactical missions and get in riveting battles with different enemy robots. Show great shooting skills and complete all missions in this exciting top shooter game offline.

Also increase the vitality of the robot, the rewards for killed enemies, and upgrade the defense armor, attack speed, accuracy, magazine capacity and reload time of each weapon.

Featuring thrilling battles in labyrinths and ultra-exciting boss battles, this mech top-down action game is surely one of the best top shooter games in 2021. Enjoy smooth movements, weapon navigation, and shooting with our refined top shooter controls. With the movement controller on the left, and the shoot and aim controller on the right, you are set to enjoy this top-down shooting adventure to the max.

- 15 levels with more to come
- time limit for added excitement
- 14 types of generated weapons
- 47 types of cabins
- 11 types of chassis
- 18 types of enemies
- boss battles
- 3 branches of upgrades for your robot
- fascinating plot
- dramatic Ambiental soundtrack & sound effects
- play this no wifi game offline
Now it’s time to take command of the robot and enter the stunning sci-fi world of Robot Warrior.
👉Download Robot Warrior:Top Down shooter Offline game now for free and experience one of the most exciting top-down shooters!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What type of game is Robot Warrior?

Robot Warrior is a top-down shooter game that can be played offline.

Is Robot Warrior a sci-fi game?

Yes, Robot Warrior is a sci-fi game that involves a journey to a post-apocalyptic world on a distant planet where people live underground.

Can players customize their robot in Robot Warrior?

Yes, players can customize their robot in Robot Warrior by trying different weapons, enrolling in tactical missions, and upgrading the defense armor, attack speed, accuracy, magazine capacity, and reload time of each weapon.

What are the features of Robot Warrior?

The features of Robot Warrior include 15 levels with more to come, 14 types of weapons, 47 types of cabins, 11 types of chassis, 18 types of enemies, boss battles, 3 branches of upgrades for your robot, a fascinating plot, dramatic ambiental soundtrack & sound effects, and the ability to play offline.
Love the game but I'm stuck in the startup screen
Jake kinberling
The best game, nothing out there is like this game,is very good
tangela register
Great Game keep it 👍..
Yae Shizu
Birrrriliant game what a smooth dash n dash 😱 omg! It was a game that I love play it by ur self I love it so much 💓💓💓💓💓 I am impressed soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo9...
hassan adrees
I love it, and the other side of the of them
Johnnie Spindle
Kesar Singh