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About Galaxy Reavers 2

The universe is a huge hunting ground.
Defeat all enemies.
Only power can be trusted.
This is the world of "Galaxy Reavers".

[Strategic Battle]
Original combat, barrage launch, missile interception, trajectory operation, all is up to you.

[Panorama Control]
Break through operational limits, You can drag, rotate, and zoom in and out to completely control the battle situation.

[Customized Exclusive Warship]
Dozens of warships, hundreds of devices, you can assemble as you wish with imagination.

[Epic Star Wars]
Created by the top art team, with high quality visual and sound effects, only to present a highly impactful interstellar war.

A good little game
Kaj Mcpeice
The best games in the world
Mtkm Smitten
Good game of conscience
Jin Terbeek