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About FishChamp - Fishing competitions & Log

Challenge your friends in online fishing!
Create private fishing competitions and invite your friends.

FishChamp is the best fishingapp for creating custom angling online tournaments. Create your tournament, choose from different competion-modes eg Big five, Max count, Biggest Fish and more. Invite your friends and start catching fish!. Log each catch and follow the action on the live scoreboard / leaderboard. The fishingapp enable you to register your catch with photo, weather data, gps position, lure information.

* Push notifications
* Camera & Photo
* GPS.
* Map.
* Statistics
* Weather data (wind, air pressure, humidity, cloudiness)
* Stores fish-data such as weight, length, bait etc online.
* Store image of your fishing catch in the cloud
* Stores fishing weather data automatically.
* Support for metric and imperial units.
* Live fishing scoreboard
* Different fishing competition modes.

Can't wait for future updates like seeing friends logs and maybe a list of available challenges to join. Also need to add delete option in logged fish.
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