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About WeFish - Fishing Diary, Forecast and Marketplace

🐠 Create your Fishing Diary with all fish species catches 🌤 Get the best Weather Forecast 🏝 Discover your most effective Fishing Spots 🎣 Buy Fishing Equipment and much more... If you love fishing… This is your app!

In WeFish you can:

✅ Create your fishing diary of all your catches, with a lot of information about your catch: Fishing statistics, fish species, your best fishing locations, weather information, most useful equipment, etc. 🗒🐟

¡IMPORTANT! Your catch location info is 📵PRIVATE📵 Choose if you want to share your fishing points with other fishermen or to keep it a secret.

✅Plan your fishing journey with the best weather forecasts and maps. Select your spots on the map and be a prepared angler!
- 🌬️ Wind
- 🌒 Solunar phase
- 🌊 Tide
- 🌊 Waves
- 🌡Temperatures
- 🎚 Atmospheric pressure

In addition you can create alarms and markers in the fishing map to not miss the best days. You can predict the best fishing times with our fishing calendar, tide times and meteorological information.

✅Gamification: Complete fishing challenges, win prizes and discounts, level up and reach our TOP rankings 🏆 Will you be the best fisherman in WeFish?

Buy and Sell fishing equipment. Find secondhand fishing materials, brand promotions, plus new and handmade products in our Fishing Marketplace 🤝

- All types of fishing equipment (fishing rods, fishing reels, fishing lines, baits, lures, kayaks, fishing boats, fishing hooks, etc.).
- Fishing trips and guided services.
You can filter by fishing modality, measure, price…
Equip yourself for your fishing journey, at the best price. You can sell to our fishing community everything you don’t need.

✅Meet and learn about anglers and fishermen worldwide 🤠 Experts in sportfishing, saltwater fishing, freshwater fishing...

✅The latest news about fishing, tutorials, tips, interviews, TOPs, fishing videos and curious data. 📲 All you need to be up to date on sportfishing.

With WeFish, you will fish more, better, easier and it's fun!

FISHING MODALITIES: Spinning, live bait, trolling, spearfishing, jigging, casting, bass fishing, boat fishing, carpfishing, surfcasting, kayakfishing, icefishing, fly fishing, rockfishing, surf fishing, eging, bottom fishing...

SPECIES: black bass, sailfish, snook, sea trout, panfish, grouper, snapper, mackerel, catfish, flounder, redfish, cobia, dolphinfish, carp, bass, catfish, trout, tarpon, bluefish, crappie, salmon, pike, muskellunge, paddlefish, shark, sturgeon, squid, trevally, mahi mahi, octopus, etc.

WeFish is:

🙂 Simple: Great usability and very intuitive. Don’t get distracted from the things you really like...Fishing!
🚀 Fast: You can access your pictures and information about your catches in only a few seconds.
🎮 Funny: Level-up, check your stats, earn stars and much more! Enjoy the fishing experience.
🆓 Free: Download and enjoy this app for free!

In WeFish we promote and encourage a good sportfishing practice. All catches must fulfill some basic rules (User Manual). Catches must be shown in a natural environment, with no mistreatment and respecting sizes. The perfect pic? The one that shows only one catch, with landscape in the background, where we can enjoy the beauty of this sport. And of course, we also promote catch and release of species, specially the freshwater ones.

Whether you practice freshwater fishing or saltwater fishing, if you like sport and responsible fishing, this is your app. ¿Do you prefer sea fishing or river fishing? ¿Spinning fishing, rockfishing, surfcasting or kayakfishing? ¿Do you dare trying spearfishing or icefishing? ¿Fishing from a boat or fishing from the shore? All modalities, styles and fishing spots are welcome in the best fishing app in the world.

If you are a fisherman, this is your App!

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For sure !
William Barke
Just started fishing and found this app to be pretty helpful in my area ❤️ hope more people start using it too!!
Lindsay Veronneau
Muy buena la aplicacion
Cesar Andres
Nice way to stay up to date and gather info about fishing around the world.
Johann Kemp
I love this app. My only major criticism is there has to be a way that anglers can propose new species additions on the app itself. WeFish has most of the major gamefish but sometimes I catch a fish that's n...
Aaron Bierly
Fun so far
Zak Faurie-Williams