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About Orca: The marine co-pilot

This is the Orca App - Navigation for the modern boater.

The Orca App requires the purchase of an Orca Core or Orca Display kit. Visit our website to purchase one.
Sign up with the same e-mail you used for your purchase to get started.

Why should your chartplotter be locked to the helm? We couldn’t answer that question either.

This is why Orca is mobile and battery-powered. It goes where you go, just like any normal tablet. Use it at home, on the beach, or from the comfort of your cabin.

When you are ready to navigate, just slide it into the docking station at your helm and it will stay safe while charging.

It also has the basics covered: IP-68 certification, a bright Full-HD touch display that works with gloves, and while it is wet.

Got an iOS device? Our Orca app gives you the full experience on those devices as well. Seamless sync, live instruments, and offline charts are all included.
This is not a chartplotter. This is navigation reimagined.

Classic charts with a modern twist

The best of paper chart design combined with a cutting-edge display engine gives you charts far beyond what you’ve ever seen before.

Crisp fonts and marks combined with a clean color palette make reading and understanding Orca charts quick and easy.

The charts are blazingly fast. No matter how fast you zoom, pan and rotate, the Orca charts will keep up and show you what you need.

Orca charts also get better the more they are used.

While you are boating, Orca logs depth information from your trip. We combine this with advanced satellite image processing and other user logs to improve the charts. This information is fully anonymized and your trip details will never be visible to others.

Connectivity that matters

While Orca is fully capable offline, it truly shines online.

Connect via WiFi, or insert a SIM card for full cellular connectivity.

Your charts update automatically. No SD cards needed.

Seamlessly sync routes and places between your devices.

View hyper-local weather forecasts with down-to-the-minute forecasts for your exact location.

Get notifications before rainfall or other bad weather while underway.

Orca is also clever. It monitors your upcoming trips and notifies you if the forecast changes for the worse so you can make changes if needed.

A complete navigation experience

The Orca hub is the heart of your next navigation system. It is delivered with built-in GPS and AIS receivers, giving you a safer and more reliable boating experience out of the box.

The hub creates a WiFi network on your boat. This gives the tablet and your other devices full access to all sensor data from the hub. Your devices will also seamlessly synchronize, even if you are outside cellular reception.

Connect the hub to your existing NMEA 2000 to view and control your existing sensors and devices.

Join the modern way of boating. Join Orca.

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