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About Irregular Verbs

We provide a complete list of irregular verbs grouped by frequency, easy references to understand, and practice exercises to make your learning process easier and faster.

This application provides 191 irregular verbs, with graphical resources connecting to the meaning of each one, and practical exercises that allow you to learn them in a fun way.

With this application you can:

- Learn the meaning of an irregular verb with a common usage and graphic resources.
- Get common exercises to help you memorize irregular verbs usage.
- Quiz your learned irregular verbs.

In this application you can learn the following irregular verbs and more:

Arise. Arose. Arisen.
Awake. Awoke. Awoken.
Be. Was/Were. Been.
Bear. Bore. Born.
Beat. Beat. Beaten.
Become. Became. Become.
Begin. Began. Begun.
Behold. Beheld. Beheld.
Bend. Bent. Bent.
Bet. Bet. Bet.
Bid. Bid. Bid.
Bind. Bound. Bound.
Bite. Bit. Bitten.
Blow. Blew. Blown.
Break. Broke. Broken.
Breed. Bred. Bred.
Bring. Brought. Brought.
Build. Built. Built.
Burn. Burnt. Burnt.
Burst. Burst. Burst.
Buy. Bought. Bought.
Cast. Cast. Cast.
Catch. Caught. Caught.
Choose. Chose. Chosen.
Clothe. Clothed. Clothed.
Come. Came. Come.
Cost. Cost. Cost.
Cut. Cut. Cut.
Dare. Durst. Dared.
Deal. Dealt. Dealt.
Dig. Dug. Dug.
Dive. Dove. Dived.
Do. Did. Done.
Draw. Drew. Drawn.
Dream. Dreamt. Dreamt.
Drink. Drank. Drunk.
Drive. Drove. Driven.
Eat. Ate. Eaten.
Fall. Fell. Fallen.
Feed. Fed. Fed.
Feel. Felt. Felt.
Fight. Fought. Fought.
Find. Found. Found.
Fit. Fit. Fit.
Flee. Fled. Fled.
Fly. Flew. Flown.
Forbid. Forbade. Forbidden.
Forget. Forgot. Forgotten.
Forgive. Forgave. Forgiven.
Freeze. Froze. Frozen.
Get. Got. Gotten.
Give. Gave. Given.
Go. Went. Gone.
Grind. Ground. Ground.
Grow. Grew. Grown.
Have. Had. Had.
Hear. Heard. Heard.
Hide. Hid. Hidden.
Hit. Hit. Hit.
Hold. Held. Held.
Keep. Kept. Kept.
Kneel. Knelt. Knelt.
Knit. Knit. Knit.
Know. Knew. Known.
Lay. Laid. Laid.
Lead. Led. Led.
Lean. Leant. Leant.
Leap. Leapt. Leapt.
Learn. Learnt. Learnt.
Leave. Left. Left.
Lend. Lent. Lent.
Let. Let. Let.
Lie. Lay. Lain.
Light. Lit. Lit.
Lose. Lost. Lost.
Make. Made. Made.
Mean. Meant. Meant.
Meet. Met. Met.
Melt. Melted. Molten.
Mistake. Mistook. Mistaken.
Pay. Paid. Paid.
Put. Put. Put.
Quit. Quit. Quit.
Read. Read. Read.
Rid. Rid. Rid.
Ride. Rode. Ridden.
Ring. Rang. Rung.
Rise. Rose. Risen.
Run. Ran. Run.
Say. Said. Said.
See. Saw. Seen.
Seek. Sought. Sought.
Sell. Sold. Sold.
Send. Sent. Sent.
Set. Set. Set.
Sew. Sewed. Sewn.
Shake. Shook. Shaken.
Shave. Shaved. Shaven.
Shear. Sheared. Shorn.
Shed. Shed. Shed.
Shine. Shone. Shone.
Shoot. Shot. Shot.
Show. Showed. Shown.
Shrink. Shrank. Shrunk.
Shut. Shut. Shut.
Sing. Sang. Sung.
Sink. Sank. Sunk.
Sit. Sat. Sat.
Sleep. Slept. Slept.
Slide. Slid. Slid.
Sling. Slung. Slung.
Slink. Slunk. Slunk.
Smell. Smelt. Smelt.
Sneak. Snuck. Snuck.
Sow. Sowed. Sown.
Speak. Spoke. Spoken.
Speed. Sped. Sped.
Spell. Spelt. Spelt.
Spend. Spent. Spent.
Spill. Spilt. Spilt.
Spin. Span. Spun.
Spit. Spat. Spat.
Split. Split. Split.
Spread. Spread. Spread.
Spring. Sprang. Sprung.
Stand. Stood. Stood.
Steal. Stole. Stolen.
Strew. Strewed. Strewn.
Stride. Strode. Stridden.
Strike. Struck. Struck.
String. Strung. Strung.
Swear. Swore. Sworn.
Sweat. Sweat. Sweat.
Sweep. Swept. Swept.
Swell. Swelled. Swollen.
Swim. Swam. Swum.
Swing. Swung. Swung.
Take. Took. Taken.
Teach. Taught. Taught.
Tell. Told. Told.
Think. Thought. Thought.
Thrive. Throve. Thriven.
Throw. Threw. Thrown.
Thrust. Thrust. Thrust.
Tread. Trod. Trodden.
Undergo. Underwent. Undergone.
Understand. Understood. Understood.
Undertake. Undertook. Undertaken.
Uphold. Upheld. Upheld.
Upset. Upset. Upset.
Wake. Woke. Woken.
Wear. Wore. Worn.
Wet. Wet. Wet.
Win. Won. Won.
Wind. Wound. Wound.
Withdraw. Withdrew. Withdrawn.
Write. Wrote. Written.
... and more ...

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