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About EASE Applications Messaging

EASE (Electronic Access to Surgical Events) allows patients to invite family members and loved ones to receive text, photo and video updates on their status throughout the hospital experience in a safe and secure app. A HIPAA compliant communication app, EASE is designed to improve patient satisfaction and increase transparency with updates used to educate and inform families on the patient’s status. Family members and loved ones will be able to view all EASE updates for 60 seconds of screen time before it disappears, and all content is never stored on a device. Improving patient satisfaction, communication and reducing anxiety has never been easier. EASE is freedom from the waiting room.

The EASE App uses 4G, LTE or WiFi connections (when available). Within the app, patients are able to add the family and friends they want to keep informed and relaxed throughout their medical procedure or hospital stay.

Encrypted texts, photos and videos are sent at the direction of the patient’s medical team. In order to receive EASE Applications updates, your medical provider must be signed up for the EASE program.

Key Features of EASE

- Complimentary to patient, family and friends

- Real-time Updates - never lose sight of your loved one

- Customizable Messages - open communication reduces anxiety

- Communications disappear after 60 seconds - nothing stored on mobile devices

- Patients select preference of update content - receive just texts, texts and photos or texts, photos and videos

- 256-bit encryption - we take security seriously

- HIPAA compliant - protecting patient privacy

We want to hear from you.
To find out availability in your area please email us at [email protected] or visit

EASE works on virtually all carriers and networks but some carrier limitations may apply. Available for tablet devices as well.

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This app is the best app I've ever had. My 9 month old daughter had to get a procedure done today and getting updates throughout the whole time she was back their calmed all my fears and anxiety and allowed ...
Robin Ryan
My son was going in for a liver transplant they were giving me updates with everything I was so pleased and calm throughout his procedure.
Gabby Torres
Such a great app thank you!
Amber Hanson