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About Logic Square

Attractive puzzles with lots of fun.
Invite you to Logic Square!

Easy And Fun~
You can play easily with virtual pad.

Tons of puzzles, Tons of fun!
We have thousands of puzzles and free download new puzzles every day.

If you are first time in this game, Tutorials can help you.

Leaderboard System
You can check your skills with other players.

Online Synchronization System
You can move your progress to new phone.

Whole contents of Logic Square is not locked and free.

Logic Square is a puzzle game known as illustlogic or nonogram.
You can find out hidden image using numbers.

How to play
Left and top numbers instruct how many blocks should be marked in a row. You must consider leaving at least one empty block between each number. To mark a block, please click the ā€˜Vā€™ button. To leave out a bloc, click the ā€˜Xā€™ button. Every time you mark a wrong bloc you receive a time penalty.
You can learn basics, items, and practice game in tutorial.

Please write good review, if you fun with Logic Square.
Please send a mail, if you have any problem or suggestion.
We are changing from your good reviews and mails.

Thank you.

[email protected]

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This has been my favourite game for nearly 7 years!
Fun to play, I have been playing Logic Square for a long time and it never gets boring,šŸ˜Ž
Kerrie Trotter
Good game. Enjoy playing it
Barbara Hill