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System UI Tuner - launcher shortcut Screenshot 1

About System UI Tuner - launcher shortcut

First introduced in Android Marshmallow, Google included a hidden menu with experimental options called System UI Tuner.

The option to launch System UI Tuner in Android 9 & 10 has been removed by Google, but the utility does still exist.

This application is simply a shortcut to launch the hidden System UI Tuner menu without the need to use ADB or install a custom launcher. This works the same as Google's own method of launching the UI Tuner in previous Android versions. Any features that the UI Tuner lacks are not something that I have control over, please contact Google if you would like to make a feature request or suggestion.

This will work on all stock AOSP and Pixel builds of Android 9/10. Third-party manufacturers may chose to disable this menu completely in their custom builds.

Note: Some features of System UI Tuner in Android 9/10 are broken (such as hiding certain icons), there is nothing that I can do to correct this, as it is part of the Android system. This app simply opens the stock built-in Android UI Tuner.

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Ross Dixon
Rx Mahabub
Great app only wish they added to remove battery icon but keep battery percentage only. Thanks for wonderful and easy app to tune system UI on my pixel ❤️
Mohammed Mudassar Ali
Working fine.
Robert Ząbkiewicz
Works like a charm.
Irfan Chowdhury
Was able to get rid of alarm clock icon S20 Ultra, Android 11 UI 3
Bobby Mac