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About Castro Premium

Castro is a huge collection of information about your device and a set of tools for monitoring its status. This allows you to check the performance of your device in real-time!

Large collection of the information
Castro processes and displays a huge amount of information, namely:

• Detailed processor statistics (CPU and GPU);
• Battery monitoring;
• Consumption of all kinds of memory;
• Data usage via Wi-Fi and mobile networks;
• Real-time sensors data with useful graphs;
• Detailed information about device's cameras;
• Full list of available audio and video codecs;
• Monitoring temperatures of the device;
• And many other features, including DRM and Bluetooth!

The most important thing in the "Dashboard"
If you are not interested in too detailed information in a larger volume, you can always use the "Dashboard" window, which collects all the most important information - CPU usage, battery status, network usage, and memory load on the device.

More control with useful tools
• Share your device information using "Data export";
• Test your display state via "Screen tester";
• Check the noise around you with "Noise checker".

Even more features with "Premium"
• Deep interface customization with various colors and themes;
• Configurable home-screen widget, with information about battery, memory, and more;
• Network traffic speed monitor to track your connection speed;
• CPU usage monitor to keep abreast of frequency usage;
• PDF format for information exporting;
• And even more coming soon!

FAQ and localization
Looking for answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ)? Visit this page:

Want to help in Castro localization? Visit this page:

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Castro Premium?

Castro Premium is a collection of information about your device and a set of tools for monitoring its status, allowing you to check the performance of your device in real-time.

What kind of information does Castro display?

Castro displays detailed processor statistics, battery monitoring, memory consumption, data usage, real-time sensor data, information about cameras, audio and video codecs, device temperatures, and more.

What is the "Dashboard" window in Castro?

The "Dashboard" window in Castro collects all the most important information, including CPU usage, battery status, network usage, and memory load on the device.

What are the useful tools available in Castro?

Castro offers tools such as data export to share device information, a screen tester to test display state, and a noise checker to check the noise around you.

What additional features are available in Castro Premium?

Castro Premium offers deep interface customization, a configurable home-screen widget, network traffic speed monitor, CPU usage monitor, PDF format for information exporting, and more upcoming features.

Where can I find the FAQ for Castro?

You can find answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Castro by visiting the following page:

How can I contribute to Castro localization?

To help in Castro localization, you can visit the following page:
I love this 😍 app I have never seen a app like it.It looks beautiful and it has all the things that a person want.
kuljit singh
Amber Leehe
Edit: ok the pdf data export works, so I'm happy.
Ya Boi
Adhy Prasetyo Widodo
Found and love skit. Decided to check out Devs other apps. All look amazing so buying them all. One suggestion is the put the type of all in the name. I use exif editors, phone info and app managers all the ...
nascent nascentt
Get the job done
Chamila T Gamage