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About Droid Insight 360: File Manager, App Manager

Droid Insight 360 is an integrated and a powerful suite with five essential apps built into one. With Droid Insight 360, we aim to reduce the clutter of having redundant and separate apps. File Manager 📁, App Manager 🔣, Device Info📱, Benchmark 📊, Root Checker #️⃣) - five apps in one integrated suite, all at an incredibly small size of 4 MB.

💡 Why use Droid Insight 360 :
🔹 Five apps integrated into one suite:
1️⃣ File Manager 📁:
▪️ Features an intuitive, powerful and a full fledged File Manager(File explorer) built from the scratch.
▪️ Shows thumbnail previews for photos, videos, music and GIF’s.
▪️ Has all file manager actions (open, search, navigate, copy & paste, sort, cut, delete, rename, share, zip, unzip).
▪️ Different layouts - Has list, grid & compact views
▪️ Has full SD card support
▪️ Customise the grid view to display two, three or four columns.
▪️ Customise the folder colour with nine different colours
▪️ Clean, reliable and fast with an intuitive material UI to explore files easily
▪️ Has over fifteen different themes with a full night mode
▪️ Has a feature rich gallery mode(gallery) that displays images, videos or music
▪️ Has FTP server functionality to access files on a web browser/PC
▪️ View hidden files in File Manager
▪️ Switch to SD card while copy/move operation in a single tap
▪️ Highly customisable file manager with desktop-grade features in your pocket
▪️ Android 10 compatible

2️⃣ App Manager 🔣:
▪️ View and manage all your apps at one place with the App Manager.
▪️ View app related info, launch or uninstall apps with an intuitive interface
▪️ Shows app count, installed and last updated date along with the version code
▪️ Share apps with the App Manager
▪️ Search & filter system/user apps through app search

3️⃣ Device Info 📱:
▪️ Get all the essential details(HW & SW info) about your phone with Device Info.
▪️ Know your phone's processor(CPU), RAM, SOC, GPU, storage, SD card, network, battery, sensor, real-time RAM/CPU usage and S/W information.
▪️ Displays list of all sensors. Search/filter sensors by name.

4️⃣ Benchmark 📊:
▪️ Benchmark your device with a simple yet powerful and a customisable built-in benchmark.
▪️ Features CPU, RAM (read speed) and SQLite benchmark to assess your device.
▪️ Predicts the CPU encryptions/sec, RAM read speed, and SQLite DB performance
▪️ Share the benchmark results.

5️⃣ Root Checker #️⃣:
▪️ Know whether your device is rooted and check your device for root access with the Root Checker.
▪️ Verify whether proper root (superuser or su) access is configured and working.
▪️ Full root 360 Info - Simple, quick and reliable tool to check root access, root availability, busy box status & root path.

Other features:
🔹Has app shortcuts (Android™ 7.1 & above) to launch and use the apps separately.
🔹 Has an overview tab that shows real-time CPU & RAM usage.
🔹 Multi-utility device & file manager app with a clean, material design.
🔹 Has 15 themes with a full Night Mode & an AMOLED theme
🔹 Built for everyone - Built for casual & power users, developers & device testers.
🔹 Optimized to run on a wide range of low-end devices.
🔹 Droid Insight 360 is optimized for tablets & Android™ Go

Android™ Lollipop 5.0(API 21) & up.

Droid Insight 360 is crafted with❤️ for Android™. Enjoy using Droid Insight 360.

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Android is a trademark of Google LLC.

© 2018-2021. Droid Insight 360 is developed and published by Vishtek Studios LLP. ‘Droid Insight 360’ and associated elements are owned by Vishtek Studios LLP. Vishtek Studios LLP is a registered, bootstrapped, self-funded and incorporated LLP. All rights reserved.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Droid Insight 360?

Droid Insight 360 is an integrated suite of five essential apps, including File Manager, App Manager, Device Info, Benchmark, and Root Checker. It aims to reduce the clutter of separate apps by combining them into one suite.

What features does the File Manager app of Droid Insight 360 offer?

The File Manager app of Droid Insight 360 offers features like intuitive file management, thumbnail previews for media files, various file management actions, different layouts, SD card support, customizable grid view, folder color customization, gallery mode, FTP server functionality, and more.

What functions does the App Manager app of Droid Insight 360 provide?

The App Manager app of Droid Insight 360 allows you to view and manage all your apps in one place. It provides app-related information, the ability to launch or uninstall apps, app search and filtering, sharing of apps, and more.

What information can be obtained from the Device Info app of Droid Insight 360?

The Device Info app of Droid Insight 360 provides essential details about your phone, including hardware and software information. It displays information about your phone's processor, RAM, storage, network, battery, sensors, real-time RAM/CPU usage, and more.

How can I benchmark my device using Droid Insight 360?

Droid Insight 360 offers a built-in benchmark feature that allows you to benchmark your device's CPU, RAM, and SQLite performance. You can assess your device's performance and share the benchmark results.

What functionality does the Root Checker app of Droid Insight 360 offer?

The Root Checker app of Droid Insight 360 helps you determine whether your device is rooted and checks for root access. It verifies root availability, proper root configuration, busy box status, and root path.

What are the other features of Droid Insight 360?

Droid Insight 360 has additional features such as app shortcuts, an overview tab showing real-time CPU and RAM usage, a clean and material design, 15 themes including Night Mode and AMOLED theme, optimization for low-end devices, and tablet and Android Go compatibility.

What are the requirements to use Droid Insight 360?

Droid Insight 360 requires Android Lollipop 5.0 (API 21) and above to run.

Who developed and published Droid Insight 360?

Droid Insight 360 is developed and published by Vishtek Studios LLP. It is a registered, bootstrapped, self-funded, and incorporated LLP.

How can I stay updated with the latest news about Droid Insight 360?

You can follow our social accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, or visit our website to receive the latest news about Droid Insight 360.
Flawless. Easy to use. Simple to understand without any instructions. Just what I want in file browsing and management. Six stars! Ten stars! Perfect app. No BS, no frills. Clean, quick and powerful.~~~
Sanam Sevhonkia
Great app, easy to use, helps to eliminate several other clunky apps... keep up the great work! 😀
Paeng Schulz
This is a very useful appvit is informative and the information helps me understand what's going on in some of my apps and I'm able to frecet problems easer.
Leslie Ward
Easily the best file management app I have ever used. I used to have 3 seperate apps for local, wifi and bluetooth and this one app replaced them all.~~~
Farmer Catarina
Good app but "access from pc" ftp feature is not secure. There must be a password protection for ftp access to device.~~~
Abagail Mach
Brilliant app. All necessary tasks in one app. A minor problem: I cant find search option in SD card, even though all permissins are given. (android version 7.1)
ধীমান নাথ