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About Privacy Defender

Pligence an ultimate Security and Privacy Defender App protects your Mobile Phone, protects the Moble Phone User’s from online dangers, and keeps the user’s personal information safe and secure.

Pligence Mobile Phone Security Solution includes Mobile Firewall, Web Guard, Anti-Spying , App Protection, Secure Vault, App Lock and Security Scan. These features provide comprehensive security to the mobile phone and keeps your personal data safe.


Security and Privacy Defender App for Android comes with a 7-day trial of the Premium version.
The premium version includes:
Mobile Firewall
Web Guard
App Protection
Secure Vault
App Lock
Security Scan
When the 7-day trial period is ended, the app will keep on providing the non-premium services if the user decides not to continue with Premium services are will still include:
Secure Vault
App Lock
Security Scan

Mobile Firewall

· Controls all incoming and outgoing Mobile APP and Internet traffic using firewall rules.
· Behavior Analysis based automated Intrusion Prevention System.
· Allow/Block App’s internet connectivity on wi-fi and/or mobile networks (3G, 4G, 5G)
· Controls Mobile App Connectivity to different countries and sites.
· Generates Alerts when Unauthorized Mobile Apps access the Internet.
· No user tracking and no personal identifiable information kept.

Web Guard

· Blocks Dangerous websites which contain Virus, Malware, Adware, Spyware, and Phishing sites.
· Security Scan to every visited URL link to help detect online threats and alert you of sites that can infect your device and steal your personal information.
· Protection against Malicious Sites through automated machine Intelligence based rules.
· Generates Alerts when Mobile Apps accesses Malware, Adware, Spyware and Phishing sites.

Anti-Spying - (Surveillance Protection)

· Generates Alerts as and when Mobile Phone sensors (Microphone, Camera, GPS) are used by the Mobile Applications.
· Historical view on Mobile Phone sensors used by different Mobile Apps.
· Behavior Analysis to identify Mobile Apps accessing Microphone, Camera and GPS without the user knowledge.
· Insights into the permissions given to installed Mobile Apps for sensors (Camera, Microphone, GPS, Bluetooth, MIC) and services (SMS, Contacts, Storage, Call)

App Protection

· Scans installed Mobile Apps & local APK files and Monitors installation process.
· Behavior Analysis to monitor and detect Malicious Apps.
· Identifies and Blocks Mobile Apps that access internet using insecure protocol.

Secure Vault

· Securely stores Photos, Videos and PDF files by encrypting them with AES 256 and only available to Mobile Phone user.
· Photos, Videos, and PDF files are only accessible through Master Password that only you know.

App Lock

· Secret PIN Code to access your Mobile Apps with private messages, photos & sensitive data.
· Master Password is required to change PIN Code.

Security Scan

· Identification of Operating System and Device vulnerabilities and provide recommendations.
· Generates Alerts on the misconfigured Mobile settings.
· Notifies user when Mobile App accesses data from Mobile Phone clipboard and the information contained in the clipboard.
· Generates Alerts when a Mobile Phone user joins a Wi-Fi network that is dangerous or under attack or belongs to the rogue Wi-Fi-network

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What does the Privacy Defender App do?

The Privacy Defender App protects your mobile phone from online dangers and keeps your personal information safe and secure.

What features does the Security and Privacy Defender App include?

The Security and Privacy Defender App includes Mobile Firewall, Web Guard, Anti-Spying, App Protection, Secure Vault, App Lock, and Security Scan.

Does the app track or store user personal identifiable information?

No, the app does not keep any user personal identifiable information (PII) nor does it track or store the location of the user.

What does the 7-day trial of the Premium version include?

The 7-day trial of the Premium version includes Mobile Firewall, Web Guard, Anti-Spying, App Protection, Secure Vault, App Lock, and Security Scan.

What services are still available after the 7-day trial period ends?

After the 7-day trial period ends, the app will still provide the non-premium services, including Secure Vault, App Lock, and Security Scan.

What does the Mobile Firewall feature do?

The Mobile Firewall feature controls all incoming and outgoing mobile app and internet traffic using firewall rules.

How does the Web Guard feature work?

The Web Guard feature blocks dangerous websites, scans URL links for online threats, and alerts you of sites that can infect your device or steal your personal information.

What does the Anti-Spying feature do?

The Anti-Spying feature generates alerts when mobile phone sensors (microphone, camera, GPS) are used by mobile applications without the user's knowledge.

What does the App Protection feature do?

The App Protection feature scans and monitors installed mobile apps and blocks those that access the internet using insecure protocols.

How does the Secure Vault feature work?

The Secure Vault feature securely stores photos, videos, and PDF files by encrypting them with AES 256 and can only be accessed with a master password.

What does the App Lock feature do?

The App Lock feature allows you to set a secret PIN code to access your mobile apps with private messages, photos, and sensitive data.

What does the Security Scan feature do?

The Security Scan feature identifies operating system and device vulnerabilities, alerts on misconfigured mobile settings, and detects when a mobile app accesses data from the mobile phone clipboard.
Great speed and performance of the app
Ibrahim Amin
Finally something incredible 👌 great app performance @pligence 💯
Aftab Ali
great app
Fareed Ahmad
This is an amazing app everybody should have it in their phone in these times when ur phone data is not safe. And its not just about ur data it has several more features loving it
Omer Asghar