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Free website generator for mobile apps; privacy policy, app-ads.txt support and more...

About Blur=Passwords+Wallet+Privacy

*NEW: Auto-Login for Chrome and Android Apps!*

With the new version of Blur for Android, your saved accounts can auto-fill when visiting websites in your Chrome browser, AND when logging in to other Android Apps. No more switching apps or copying and pasting, just tap and go!

Better than a password manager: Blur secures ALL the personal
information you put online - making it fast and easy to login and
checkout from your browser, phone or tablet.

PC Magazine - Editor's Choice - "There's nothing else quite like it. If you're concerned about online privacy, give Blur a try."

#13 Top 50 Tech products of 2013 - PC World | ***** 5 Stars - CNET


Stop forgetting passwords and generate tough-to-crack new ones:
- Creates strong encrypted passwords in one click - even for sites you
already have logins for
- Saves, encrypts and organizes your passwords. Logs you in fast.
- Works seamlessly across your Android
- Access your data from home, work or on the road (but please, not
while driving!)

A site you’ve shopped gets hacked and your logins and passwords are
stolen in the data breach? No problem: your credit card info won’t
even be there:
- Shop online without ever giving out your credit card to merchants (yup!)
- Masked Cards let you pay using new disposable credit cards (like
Paypal, but better)
- Charges show up as Abine, Inc. on your statement to protect your
privacy (that’s what we do)

A best-in-class password only you know protects your account
information from anyone, even us.
- Passwords and key data are secured with AES-256 encryption
- Separate keys are used for authentication/authorization and data encryption
- Encryption keys are stored using host-proof hosting
- Encrypted data is stored using optional personal storage accounts
(e.g. DropBox)
- Key JavaScript functions run in protected contexts, not in the page

Most features are free and unlimited, but you get more with a premium
- Free: masked emails
- Premium: password management, masked credit cards, a new private masked phone numbers, backup
and sync, and expedited premium support
- Premium plans cost between $2 to $5 per month based on length of
subscription (3 cents per day for all this? Yup.)

Abine is the world leader in consumer data security. Our technology is
built to defend your privacy in new and better ways others do not. We
have operated for over five years with a single mission and business
model: to protect your privacy. It’s all we do.
- Our services are used by millions daily
- Our team is made up of data security experts (check us out)
- We encourage you to check out our amazing reviews
- We welcome and regularly share our source code with security and
privacy experts
- We’re transparent about what data we need store where and how it can
be used and our privacy policy is as simple and straight up as we
could possibly make it

We have a full-time Boston-based support team that can help at
[email protected] as well as live chat and @Abine on Twitter. They
are real people. FAQ’s are right here:

This app uses Accessibility services.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Blur?

Blur is a tool that secures all the personal information you put online, allowing you to easily login and checkout from your browser, phone, or tablet.

How does Blur help with passwords?

Blur can generate tough-to-crack passwords, save and encrypt your passwords, and log you in fast. It also works seamlessly across your Android devices.

How does Blur protect your credit card information?

Blur allows you to shop online without giving out your credit card information to merchants. It also offers masked cards, which are disposable credit cards that can be used for payment.

How does Blur ensure security?

Blur secures your account information with AES-256 encryption and separate keys for authentication/authorization and data encryption. It also stores encrypted data using optional personal storage accounts.

What are the free and premium features of Blur?

Most features of Blur are free and unlimited. However, a premium subscription offers additional features such as password management, masked credit cards, private masked phone numbers, backup and sync, and expedited premium support.

Can Blur be trusted for data security?

Yes, Abine, the company behind Blur, is a world leader in consumer data security. They have operated for over five years with a mission to protect privacy. Their services are used by millions daily and their team consists of data security experts.

Does Blur have customer support?

Yes, Blur has a full-time Boston-based support team that can be reached through email, live chat, and Twitter. They provide real-time assistance to customers.
Been using Blur many years over multiple devices and it hasn't let me down. Thank you
Mark Doughty
Great app to secure our credentials
Ravi shankar
Android itself is this apps main competition and is very effective in slowing this app down and offering their own services first. Smells like a good opportunity for a class action for paying customers. Supp...
Lucky Whitmer
I love this privacy app, but it is too expensive for a free subscription. I may try again later.
Danielle Wren
Blur help me keep my pass words and cards safe.
Gregory Horton
A reliable app that accomplishes exactly what I need it to do - synchronize identities across many platforms. Has proven trustworthy over the years. Can't ask for more than that.
C&D IS Staff