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Free website generator for mobile apps; privacy policy, app-ads.txt support and more...

About WOT Mobile Security Check & Website Protection

★★★★★ “One of my favorites” - USA Today
★★★★★ "Excellent and free" - PCWorld

Download WOT for FREE on Android - The future of safe browsing! 360° protection on the go!

Ever felt unsafe while surfing the web? Or asked ‘Is this website safe?’ WOT lets you know a website’s safety and protects you from harmful websites, apps, and WiFi networks based on WOT community reviews and Machine Learning algorithms.

The WOT mobile security app provides you with a safe browsing experience, enables app scanning and WiFi protection, and is powered by over 140 million users! With WOT you can

- Start your online protection by checking if a website is safe
- Scan apps and files in real-time
- Protect your WiFi networks
- Receive site security reputations
- Get warning notifications on your device
- Build a Black List of sites you want to block and avoid
- Block adult content sites and have parental control over them

WOT safe browsing is compatible with Google Chrome and Firefox browsers. You can access more than 56 million websites that have been rated and reviewed by over 140 million users, providing you with

- One-click awareness of viruses and other safety threats
- Real-time malware protection for optimal web safety
- Site security tests with third party blacklists
- Warning notifications while surfing the web
- Phishing protection
- Safe browsing on Google Search result pages
- Block unwanted sites by creating a black/white list of sites to avoid
- Access to millions of site reputation ratings

App Features

NEW - WIFI Protection

WIFI protection for any network
WOT scans all WIFI networks to check for risks, threats and anything that may be harmful
Learn which networks are safe for you to connect too.
Real time WIFI protection

NEW - App Scanning

Make sure you only have authentic and secure apps on your mobile device
Scan apps that may contain viruses, malware or just be generally harmful or dangerous to your device.

NEW - App Locking

Lock apps and URL’s that contain private or sensitive information on your device
Add a password to any app to make sure that nobody has access to it and keep your sensitive apps safe.

Security and protection

- Filter content and receive notifications for dangerous links
- Scan for suspicious apps
- WiFi Scanner for network hijacking and encryption
- Surf securely on Android's default browser, Chrome and Firefox
- Discover reputation ratings based on machine learning algorithms
- Website security checks based on users reviews
- Malware/scam protection and phishing protection
- Spot threats and discover secure sites

Control Adult Content

- Black Lists let you create a list of dangerous websites
- Block adult content
- Advanced content filtering for Google
- Parental control over your child’s safety and online browsing
- Web protection you can rely on
- Content filtering to put your mind at ease
- Create your own filters for sites


- Trust the WOT community as reviews are based on real experiences from real users
- Enhance your safety based on website ratings
- Block websites on Chrome and Google
- Make the web safer for the growing WOT community by running your own website security checks

How does WOT work?

WOT provides you with a safe browsing experience that combines machine learning algorithms with over 140 million website safety ratings and reviews that create a safety score for every site.

When you browse a site, instead of needing to know how to block websites, the app runs a website safety check on the URL and matches it to our database of site security reputations. If the site is unsafe, a warning notification is shown on your device with an option to go back to safety.

Powered by a global community of over 140 million people, WOT checks every website before you visit it to let you know its safety and security rating.

So what are you waiting for? Join the community today and help make the web a safer place!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is WOT Mobile Security Check & Website Protection?

WOT Mobile Security Check & Website Protection is a mobile app that provides safe browsing, app scanning, and WiFi protection. It allows users to check the safety of websites, scan apps for viruses, and protect WiFi networks.

How does WOT protect users while browsing the web?

WOT protects users while browsing the web by running website safety checks on URLs and matching them to a database of site security reputations. If a site is unsafe, a warning notification is shown on the user's device.

What features does WOT offer?

WOT offers features such as website safety checks, app scanning, WiFi protection, site security notifications, building a blacklist of websites to block, blocking of adult content sites, and parental control.

Is WOT compatible with all browsers?

WOT is compatible with Google Chrome and Firefox browsers.

How does WOT determine the safety and security rating of websites?

WOT combines machine learning algorithms with over 140 million website safety ratings and reviews from its global community. This creates a safety score for every site.

Can WOT protect against malware and phishing?

Yes, WOT provides real-time malware protection, phishing protection, and scans for suspicious apps.

How does WOT protect WiFi networks?

WOT scans all WiFi networks to check for risks and threats. It provides real-time WiFi protection and informs users about safe networks to connect to.

Does WOT offer content filtering and parental control?

Yes, WOT offers content filtering and allows users to block adult content. It also provides parental control features for safer browsing by children.

How can users contribute to the WOT community?

Users can contribute to the WOT community by running their own website security checks and providing ratings and reviews based on their experiences.

Is WOT a free app?

Yes, WOT is a free app that can be downloaded for Android devices.
Works well my company does not ,me to use,, Why that I never got answer for! They have Satilight from space..
Sue Ellen Nissley
A bit more user friendly would be a nice edition.
Alex Gatton
Awesome app!!!
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This app does exacatually what it claims to do and i teccomend this app to anyone who's looking for app as like.
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