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About Bridgestone Toolbox Touch

Bridgestone Toolbox Touch

Increase your productivity when maintaining the tires on your fleet of vehicles. With Toolbox Touch you can easily perform inspections on the tires in your fleet and quickly see data on tread depth, inflation, and tire conditions. Send reports analyzing the tire data of your fleet including trends in maintenance, patterns of wear, and critical maintenance issues requiring immediate attention.

Toolbox Touch also includes modules that let you track the lifespan of your tires, allowing you to better plan maintenance and replacement.

With Bridgestone Toolbox Touch you can:

• Quickly assess how well tires are being maintained
• Measure the performance of tires over time
• Easily assess tires that are both in and out of service
• Input your own maintenance policies and compare inspections against those policies
• Easily record tire tread depth and air pressure with a Bluetooth-connected probe
• Generate Immediate Action Reports with tires that have warning or critical conditions to identify tires requiring maintenance

Very good
Ram Banke
Powerful tool for everyday use in any fleet
Dries Venter