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About ACFT

The ACFT (Army Combat Fitness Test) App is full of features.
• Calculate your ACFT score
• Save your score (Save as Practice or Record)
• Export saved scores to DA 705 (PDF)
• Calculate multiple scores at once
• Learn about the ACFT with videos showing how to perform each event and written instructions
• Learn how to set up an ACFT lane
• Physical Demand Category Calculator that outputs the category based on the MOS/AOC
• Stopwatch that counts down the time for each Physical Demand Category for the Sprint Drag Carry and Two Mile Run
• Timer that can be used to time the Maximum Deadlift, Standing Power Throw, Hand Release Push-Up, Leg Tuck
• Enhanced Score Chart designed to make it easier to locate scores.
• The app uses your Physical Demand Category (Moderate, Significant, and Heavy) to determine if you passed at your respective category.
• Find out your physical demand category
• Height and Weight Calculator
•Graph to track progress

Way to actually update, user friendly
Sean Würzburg
This app is a life saver when calculating scores! We still use charts to verify but it has always been spot on!
The counter in the timer section locks up the app