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About Offline Unit Converter

Offline Unit Converter included mostly all types of Unit conversion for everything. This is much more convenient for Students, Engineers, chef and who are really need the unit converter in their daily life as well.

This Unit Converter is super cool animated Unit Converter.

Offline Unit Converter divide all the units in some Main Section like:
-> Living
-> Basic
-> Science
-> Misc.

Every Main Section is divided into 4 categories (approximately) for finding any unit individually and easily as well. It's giving the user flexibility that is actually our prime objective.

All the categories are together:
* Length
* Area
* Weight
* Volume
* Temperature
* Timer
* Speed
* Pressure
* Force
* Work
* Power
* Angle
* Data
* Fuel
* Cooking

Just write one time and convert unit into all expected unit. No need to write every time for individual Unit conversion.

Offline Unit Converter Will try to bring periodic update According to the User's demand.

Its nice and easy to use...
Antonio Cruz
Best offline Unit converter to use. Very simple, beautiful UI design. Recommend this Unit Converter to all.
Agonized Cupid
perfect apps, simple to used and no ads
Teofilo Cellona