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About CalcKit : All-In-One Calculator & Unit Converter

CalcKit: All-In-One Calculator is a simple and powerful collection of calculators and converters for mathematics, electronics, finance and more. And best of all, it's completely FREE!


Designed with simplicity in mind, CalcKit helps you solve all kinds of everyday problems.
From simple calculations to unit and currency conversions, percentages, proportions, areas, volumes, etc… it does it all.

Featuring over 150 Calculators and Unit Converters, packed in with a highly customizable Scientific Calculator, CalcKit is the only calculator app you will need on your device.

★ Instant results of your calculations as you enter them
★ Simple and full keypad layout
★ Copy/Paste with a single button press
★ Customizable scientific keypad
★ Freely movable cursor to modify incorrectly entered expressions
★ Advanced calculator history, able to retrieve both the result and expression of your calculation
★ Floating calculator widget to use the calculator floating over other applications on your phone

★ Algebra, Geometry, Electronics, Finance, Unit Converters & Misc.
★ Currency converter with 160 currencies, available offline
★ Instant results delivered as you type
★ Smart search and sort for faster navigation
★ Create shortcuts on the home screen

★ In addition to the many built-in calculators, with CalcKit you can easily create your own calculators and converters in a matter of minutes

★ CalcKit also features a built-in notepad that allows you to easily take notes on the go

List of calculators and converters:

• Percentage calculator
• Proportion calculator
• Average calculator - arithmetic, geometric and harmonic mean
• Equation solver - linear, quadratic, cubic and equation system
• Combinations and permutations
• Decimal to fraction
• Fraction simplifier
• Prime number checker
• GCF / LCM calculator - greatest common factor and least common multiple
• Matrix calculator

• Triangle, right triangle, square, rectangle, parallelogram, rhombus, trapezoid, hexagon, polygon, circle, circular segment, circular sector, ellipse
• Cube, cuboid, prism, pyramid, pyramidal frustum, tetrahedron, octahedron, cylinder, truncated cylinder, cone, conical frustum, sphere, spherical cap, spherical sector, spherical segment, spherical wedge, torus
• Analytical geometry - distance between 2 points, area of triangle, equation of circle and equation of sphere

• Resistor color code - up to 6 bands
• Inductor color code
• LED resistor calculator
• Series and parallel components - resistors, capacitors, inductors
• Ohm's law
• Power triangle
• Y-Δ Transformation
• Voltage divider
• Voltage regulator - LM317
• Operational amplifier
• NE555 timer calculator
• Filters calculator
• Reactance and resonance calculator
• Wire resistance and conductance
• Transformer ratio
• Battery life calculator
• Analog-Digital converter
• Frequency calculator

• Currency converter with 160 currencies available offline
• Sales tax calculator
• Tip calculator
• Simple and compound interest calculator

Unit Converters
• 80+ Converters including: Angle, area, cooking, data storage, energy, force, fuel, length, weight, numeric base, power, prefixes, pressure, roman numerals, shoe size, speed, temperature, time, volume, acceleration, airflow, density, torque, charge, current, conductance, resistance, capacitance, inductance, flow, flux, illumination, radiation and more…

• Date calculator
• Time calculator

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Yufei Tan
habib vafapour
Michael Tuttle
Excelent. Wonderfull tool
Andres Maica
This is one of the most useful apps I have. It's free, you can't get this kind of usefulness in many other paid apps. Great app!
Danney Barr
Except for the the amount of space ads take up on the screen, this is a very handy calculator.
John Swartchick