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About Class Calc Graphing & Statistics Calculator

Test-safe Calculator. Statistics, Graphing, Scientific and Matrix Calculator. 100% Free. No Ads. No “upgrade To Unlock” Functions. All Equivalent Functions Of A Ti 84 Calculator, X84, Casio Calculator Or Hp Calculator.

Paying $100+ For A Ti 84 / Ti Nspire Graphing Calculator (Or Casio, Or Even Hp) Is Just Silly. Here’s Our Logic:
1. We’ve Built A Beautiful, Easy To Use Online Digital Calculator Right There On Your Phone.
2. The Problem Is, That You Can’t Use Your Phone On Tests, So You’re Stuck Paying $100+ For Your Calculator.
3. With Our Easy-to-use Test-mode Lockdown, You Can Now Use Classcalc On Tests. Teachers Can Ask Students To Temporarily Lock Their Own Devices* Out Of All Outside Distractions Such As Instagram, Calls And Texts, Keeping Students Focused In Class, And Preventing Cheating On Tests. Students Can Leave Test Mode Whenever, And Once They Do, The Teacher Is Notified.

List Of Features:

Scientific Calculator (Similar To Ti 30, Ti 84, Ti Nspire, X84 Hp Or Casio Calculator):

Algebra – Advanced Statistics – Trigonometry – Calculus
Features: Cos, Pi, Average, Ln, Basic Stats, Mode, Percentage, Roots, Sin, Tan, Gcd, Indefinite Integral, Modulus, Sin-inverse, Convert Decimal To Fraction, Tangent, Trig Inverse, Exponents, Z Score Table, Z Score Finder

Graphing And Statistics Calculator (Similar To Ti 30, Ti 84, X84, Ti Nspire, Hp Or Casio Calculator):

Graphing – Algebra – Advanced Statistics (Stats) – Trigonometry – Calculus (& Precalculus)
Features: Plot Functions, Anova, Binomial Distribution, Cdf, Chi Square Test, Derivative, Histogram, Log, Normal Distribution, Poisson Distribution, Polynomials, Tables, Min, Max, Graph Intercepts, Intersections, Parametric Equations, Polar Coordinates, T Test, Z Test, Mean, Median, Mode, Range, Combinations (Ncr), Permutations (Npr), Factorial, Standard Deviation, Variance, Sort, Linear Regression, Statistics Calc (Abscissae), Function, Polynomial Regression Graph, Exponential Regression Graph, Logarithmic Regression, Sinusoidal Regression, One Variable Statistics (1var Stats), Two Variable Statistics (2var Stats), T Distribution, Geometric Distribution (Works Similar To Ti Nspire Or X84), Chi Square Distribution Graph, Cumulative Distribution Function, Probability Density Function, Histograms, Box Plots, Qq Plots (Normal Probability Plot), Hypothesis Testing, Statistical Testing, Z Score Proportion Testing, Interval Testing, Hypothesis Interval, T Interval, Integrals, Statistics Tools, Find Vertices Of A Graph, Exponential Equations, Quadratic Functions, Linear Functions, Linear Equations, Inverse Functions, Asymptotes, Radical Functions, Stats Testing, Roots, Conics, Circle, Ellipses, Parabolas, Hyperbolas, Trig Functions, Z Score Table, Absolute Value Functions, Z Score Distribution Exponential Growth, Exponential Decay, Graphical Representation (Graphic Calculator), Graph Amplitudes

Matrix Calculator (Matrix Calc) (Similar To Ti 30, Ti 84, X84, Ti Nspire, Hp Or Casio Calculator):

Linear Algebra – Algebra Ii
Features: Determinant, Matrices, Inverse Matrix Calculator, Matrix Multiplication, Reduced Row Echelon Form, Row Echelon Form, System Of Equations, Transpose Matrix Calculator, Adding Matrices, Exponent Matrix Calculator, Root Matrix Calculator.

Contact: [email protected]

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Great job ClassCalc!
Stephen Jull
Great calsi Thank you for the app
Bangaru Rajesh