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About MagicQ Remote Control

ChamSys Ltd
MagicQ Remote Control

ChamSys MagicQ systems provide leading edge control of stage lighting, LED pixelmapping and media systems. The MagicQ Remote enables remote control of MagicQ systems including MagicQ consoles and MagicQ PC Wing solutions.

MagicQ Remote supports focusing with pan and tilt controls, colour adjustment using the rainbow colour picker and rig testing through the unique MagicQ Execute Window. Palettes, Groups and Cues can be edited and updated.

ChamSys MagicQ software supports up to 102,400 channels (200 DMX universes) and is available to download and use for free from ChamSys website

For instructions please use the in app link to the manual; go to Connection, Help and tap the Open Manual button.

For bug reports, please submit them to our bugtracker:

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The 10Scene app allows remote control of ChamSys 10Scene lighting zones.

Very handy app for controlling Chamsys Magic Q pc or MQ60
Tony Mc Guire