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About QuickCRM for SuiteCRM/SugarCRM

QuickCRM for SuiteCRM and SugarCRM provides:
- Access to all majors SuiteCRM / SugarCRM Modules
- Search by name and "My items"
- Global Search
- Display on a map Contacts/Accounts/... within a given distance from your current location
- Calendar
- Copy contacts to Address Book
- Customize Sort Order
- Place calls to contacts, leads and accounts from lists
- Quick access to Last Viewed items
- Alerts for new assignments and modifications to your own data made by other users

QuickCRM requires the installation of an extension in SugarCRM or SuiteCRM:
- QuickCRM Mobile Basic (free)
- or QuickCRM Mobile Full (commercial license)
You can try QuickCRM Mobile Full in demo mode or request a free 14 days trial.

QuickCRM Mobile Full adds the following features in QuickCRM for Android:
- Offline Mode
- Display reports (AlineaSol Reports Enterprise, KReporter, SuiteCRM Reports)
- Manage Custom modules and custom fields
- Manage Drawing, Pictures and Photo type fields
- Display on a map Contacts/Accounts/... within a given distance from a selected contact/account/...
- Customize display
- Customize search fields, search by from/to for dates or numbers
- Customize Home Page (Create buttons,saved searches buttons, dashlets).
- Copy Contacts from Address Book
- Scan QR codes on Business Cards to create Contacts or Leads
- Automatic log calls in your CRM
- and gives you full access to our support team.

Please visit for download instructions.

Must have addition to Sugar or Suite CRM. Awesome support and customization!
Don Kennedy
Really great program. I'm still figuring it all out, but seems like it's just what my team needs!!! At first I couldn't get this app working. Developer was quick to respond and not only that but was respo...
Josh Rudzek
Tram is very responsive and the app is a great add on for mobile access to data. The dial phone and maps are a must for any sales person using sugarcrm/suitecrm.
Tom Martin