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About Place Furniture AR


● High-Quality 3D Models

The 3D models are built with precision to match the real-life objects. The user can
access a list of 3D assets from the given menu.

● PBR Textures

The textures for each 3D model are custom designed referencing the physical property
of real life object. The PBR textures reacts to light the same way a surface of an object
reacts in the physical word.

● Augmented Reality

This AR application is the link that connects between the real world and the digital
data and by doing so this app helps the designers, AR enthusiast and other user
visualize the digital objects or their design in the Physical word.

● Light Estimation

The application’s inbuilt lighting system detects the light from the real world and
applies the required light settings to blend the digital object to the real world.

● HDR reflection

The 3D object’s capability of producing the reflection from the real world makes the AR
experience more realistic and interesting.

● Scale, Translate and rotate objects ( Interactive 3D models)

All 3D models are interactable with the properties like scale, rotate and translate. These
properties are easy to access through the tab provided on the screen.

● Multiple models support

This AR application can support multiple digital objects in the same scene at the same
time without compromising the performance of the application.

● ARCore supported

You don’t need a premium phone to use this application, it is ARCore (android)
compatible.To find out the list of supported devices follow the link below

● Variety of 3D model categories

The 3D models are not limited to one or two models. There are 5 categories namely
Chairs, Sofa, Table, Electronics and decorative 3D models. You can use them to fill your
environment and enjoy the AR experience.

● User-friendly Interface with Free mode

The User friendly UI helps the user identify different options in the application with
ease. The “Free Mode “ can be enabled or disabled as per user’s convenience. Free
mode gives more screen space to the user. It hides the feature points without
disturbing the 3D object’s position so that the user can take a screenshot of the 3D
object blend with the real world.

● Can visualize furniture in your own living area or your corporate floor

As this is a general application it can be used anywhere from your living room to your
corporate space without any hassle.

Visualization is good then the 3d model is also good just add a option take photo then it will so good
santhosh kumar
Very good initiative and great design Kudos to the designers❣️
Ashwin Shaji