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About Calc Improved

This calculator can solve long mathematical expressions and has the most required actions.

There are percent, root, exponent. Trigonometric and logarithmic functions. All actions are accessible in both portrait and landscape mode.

The input field has an active cursor, so you can make edits in any place without clearing it.

Also, there is a history of calculations. The history can be placed so that it takes a whole screen, or just about a half so you can still make calculations.

– To change the trigonometric unit, tap on the label RAD/DEG (radian/degree) in the upper left corner of the calculator display.
– To use an expression or the result of its computation from the history, pull a record to the left so that the icon with the letter "E" or the letter "R" respectively, became highlighted. Then release the record.
– To add a comment to a history record, pull it to the left so that the comment icon became highlighted. Then release the record.
– To delete a record from the history, pull it to the right so that the delete icon became highlighted. Then release the record.

Devender Singh
Отличный калькулятор. Особенное радует история вычислений вверху операционной строки, которой можно пользоваться, без выхода из текущей операции. Спасибо разработчикам!
Максименко Антон
Very very good
Irshad Shaikh