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About 850 OBD-II

This app is mainly for Volvos from years 1996-98 to use with ELM327 bluetooth/Wifi/USB dongle to diagnose, read and even program little bit.

#News: 11/2020 Updates are on way finally coming hopefully after finding out as example old Android 3 version staying up did make conflicts in new policy and affected new one too so it removed now. Sorry everyone wait!

Support: ELM327(1.4b onwards) or USB ObdLinkSX via OTG support.
Support of models: 850/900 series and (weakly) S40/V40, C70/S70/V70/XC70, S90/V90

Capable of:
-Read some basic standard OBDII stuff via Scan(P0* -codes, MIL light status, Supported PIDs - refer for LiveData).

-SERVICE Light (RSI - Regular Service Reminder) status reading, program (parameters) and reset/clear.

+OBDII (standard items for all OBDII supported cars! Included JOBDII too option for testing)
+Instrument panel (COMBI)
+Automatic Gearbox
+M4.4 etc..

-Read and clear most DTC:s (updating...).
*Fault Codes supported fully from:
+MSA15.7 (only with D5252T engines!)
+AW 50-42 / AW 30-43
+912-D Heater
+ROP (Roll Over Protection) (only C70?)
+ECC (only S40/V40, C70/S70/V70/XC70)
..Will be updated as some fault codes missing still!

Component test (Activation):
+Motronic (M4.4)
-Engine Cooling Fans
-IAC Valve
-Fuel Pump Relay
-SAS Air Pump
-SAS Air Valve
-Dynamic Fuel Pump Timing (TDI)
-EGR Valve
-Turbo Regulating Valve
-Heater Relay 1
-Heater Relay 2/3
-Engine Cooling Fans
-MIL Light
-S1 ja S2 solenoids
-Lock-up Solenoid
-Line Pressure Solenoid
-Warning Light
-ABS pump

-You can use this App too as a terminal for ELM327 to send individual hand written commands at Service screen to do for what ever you want :)

-Included Saab 9-3 2.8T Aero/Turbo X speedlimiter read and changer (untested) for OBDLinkSX. Read Info of usage.


There will be of course errors and bugs as i haven´t had opportunities to test all than mostly on my own Volvo. So when you send that 850log.txt file to me via email (in settings has one click solution to send via email) i can maybe do something to fix it or at least let you know can i and why..

Will be updated based on feedback.
Thanks for your support! I hope this will be useful and i will make it even more useful by time!

I don´t take any responsibility what this app can cause by using it or while using it.
I don´t warrant any things this app says. Many are just best guesses by looking at them and will be fixed as noted.
App doesn't have any tracking of users (it asks location permission because of bluetooth permissions.. sorry*) only what Google Play Store does itself(counting etc).

*To access the hardware identifiers of nearby external devices via Bluetooth -- scans, your app must now have the ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION or ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION permissions

*To have Wifi support needed to have next permissions; CHANGE_WIFI_STATE and android.permission.INTERNET.

Made in Finland
- Sincerely Aleksi Venäläinen

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Really great app for my 98 S70 T5, has a lot of useful parameters. However I cannot get the EDC MSA 15.7 to work. It just keeps giving me an error. Any suggestions?
Nick Ceh
Great item to read codes of all types. Works great!
Paul Davis
Works great with my Volvo 850
Racz Andras