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About Always on top clock and memo

This application always displays digital clock, date, memo and battery level on your android device.

You can check 1/1000 second, milliseconds.

When you play games or watching movies or YouTube streaming, you can check current time, memo and battery level easily.

* This application includes a variety of features such as followings.

* Synchronization of second option
* Memo option
* Show or hide time and memo on lock screen
* Recognize the full-screen and display time automatically.
* Clock on, off by widget
* Clock on, off by shaking
* Font size, type, color, width, location options
* Transparency option
* Border (outline), shadow options
* Rainbow color change option
* Show seconds option
* Show milliseconds option
* Show battery level option
* Auto start after reboot option
* Show temperature option
* 12 or 24 hour time format option

* Permission Information (Location permission)
This app uses the location permission for the Wi-Fi name display.
There is no disadvantage for using the app even if you do not allow location information.
(If you do not grant location permission, the Wi-Fi name is not displayed)

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