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About Practice Bird - Learn & Play 🎼 Sheet Music

Practice Bird (previously PhonicScore) - the perfect tool to learn or practice your musical instrument with your collection of digital sheet music and music scores.

With the ability to 👂 listen to you while playing by using the built in microphone, Phonic Score can give you instant feedback on your pitch, intonation and rhythm.
Our advanced music analysis technology works for any pitched instrument like piano, guitar, flute, violin, clarinet, electric guitar and even for your voice while singing.

So 🏅 challenge yourself in how good you can play one of the demo scores and share it with us! Download now and try!

Supported sheet music files
You can add your own musicXML (.musicxml, .xml or .mxl) as well as Midi (.mid) files (currently PDF files are not supported!).

Perfect to practice your part
Phonic Score makes it easy to learn and practice your part of any music score when you rehearse for your choir, orchester or ensemble. The playback system allows you to solo or mute any part in the score. So you can practice your part first and finally mute it to play along with the other parts as accompaniment.

Master difficult passages
The loop feature allows you to repeat any passage in the score at any BPM tempo so you can overcome the difficulties and add fluidity to your playing.

Individualize your sheet music
Sheet music in the flexible musicXML or midi format comes with a lot of advantages:
zoom in or out, show only parts you need, highlight your part, transpose, ..

• Add your own musicxml or midi scores to your digital sheet music library
• Search and sort your scores
• Instant Pitch Monitoring: Check your pitch/intonation and rhythm while playing
• Automatic Page Turn: listens to you while playing and automatically scrolls down the music score so you never lose focus
• Playback: hear the score with piano and percussion sounds
• Choose which parts you want to hear (mute or solo)
• Choose the playback speed in BPM
• Chord symbols are supported while playback
• Metronome: enable or disable a click sound while playback
• Loop: play any set of measures in the piece repeatedly
• Zoom: the music score is re-rendered to optimally fit your screen
• Repetitions: Split screen shows repetition start
• Highlight your own part with yellow background color
• Navigate directly to measures via measure number
• 13 demo music scores for piano, recorder, violin and cello

Pro Features (only in Phonic Score Pro App)
• Volume sliders for every part in the music
• 127 selectable instrument sounds (play any part as violin, cello, clarinet, flute, choir or many others)
• Transpose the whole score to any key
• Change the clef (e.g. from F-clef to G-clef) of a part in the music score
• add unlimited number of scores

How to get and add sheet music
• Search Online sheet music platforms: e.g. on:,,,, (ChoralWiki), ..
• Use external music notation software to convert existing Pdfs or create your own sheet music: e.g. with Finale, Capella, Sibelius, Forte, Musescore, ..
• Download or export the sheet music as musicxml or midi files
• Import your sheet music files from the file system of your device or directly via "open in" from any other app (e.g. email)

About us
See our website for more info:
Download the app now and give us feedback: [email protected]

Our vision is to enhance your experience with sheet music, help you improve playing your instrument and make practicing more fun!
Designed in Vienna 🇦🇹 with ❤️ - enjoy!

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It's just an amazing app
David Chinda
I am having a problem uploading my music sheets to the app. I have uploaded them to Dropbox but can not share them to open in this app. I also do not see the download music button when I select the + sign on...
Dana Pendarvis
I tried PhonicScore and found it more stable with better music rendering than the one I've been using for the last few years. I can see the app is mainly targeted for music learning & practice but I want to ...
Taiho Koh
Estupendo, no se puede pedir más de la versión gratuíta. Estoy considerando pasarme a la versión de pago. Como sugerencia para los desarrolladores, estaría muy bien poder poner "anotaciones" de ensayo en mi...
C. L. B.
EDIT: The problem has been solved! Best music xml app on the market. Highly suggested! Previous problem (solved): I tried several apps for mobile music XML rendering and this is by far the best one. This wou...
Matteo Gadaleta
play xml files very well thanks
Mehdi Fattahi